Basenji in Minnesota

Hello! I just found this forum today and I think it'll be my lifesaver. I adopted Dacia, my female red/white basenji about a year ago. She's a little spit fire, like I hear every basenji can be! I'm a true animal lover and fell in love with the basenji when I saw one at the pet store. I have one other dog, Roxy, a 4 year old mix breed, and a 3 year old Siamese cat, Tai. I've decided that the cat is Dacia's favorite toy…unfortunately he's not as fond of her! She's the sweetest dog you'll ever look in those eyes and how could you not love her!


She's adorable! Beautiful color and look at those wrinkles. Awww!


Welcome, and what a little cutie she is

Oh, what a baby doll! More Minnesotans! YAY! (I just pm'd you, Skeate.)

What a cutie patootie 😃 And she really is REEEED 😃 😃

Welcome to the forum. Great looking dog. Thanks for sharing pictures.

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