• Hi, my name is Vicki. I live in Renton, Washington and have owned basenjis for over 17 years.

    My 16 year old red & white, Congo, went to puppy heaven this last April. He lived a great life. It was actually harder to watch him grow old and unhappy than it was to send him back to a young body where he could run and jump and play and be happy again. I have been spreading his ashes at all his favorite places.

    I also have a almost 7 year old tri female, Bandit. She is a big girl and loves to chase squirells and go to the Cedar River every weekend. When I spread Congo's ashes there, she walked right through the water where I had sprinkled them. She really loved Congo. She lost more than my husband and I when we lost Congo.

    I felt so bad for Bandit that I signed up for BRAT almost immediately. The end of May I got a call, was I still looking? There was a 1 1/2 year old male tri available and they could bring him to me that day. He needed to get out of his current environment and the lady that usually fosters was out on vacation.

    Hunter is a precious little boy who just wanted to be loved. He lived with 2 big dogs and plays like a big dog. Way too rough for Bandit's liking. She is putting him in his place, as are we, when he dives straight for her throat and chomps down.

    My only problem with Hunter is that he and Bandit fight. Like, really get into it on occasion. I really need to know what to do to make them not do that. Hunter is now our dog and I will not rehome him. He is just too precious and doesn't deserve that. Bandit is a little afraid of him and is a little depressed but ok.

    Any suggestions????

  • Have you done any obedience training with Hunter? A good positive reinforcement class is a great way to do some relationship building and develop a way to communicate. You can use the obedience foundation to redirect a confrontation before it gets to the fight stage.

    I also highly recommend the DVD The Language of Dogs to help better read the subtle signs that dogs give each other before a fight begins. This will help you to diffuse situations early.

  • I have just started Beginning Home Obedience with Hunter. He does well at the training facility but horrible at home. I am working with him a little every night.

    I guess, too, because he is a rescue, that I feel more compassion for him. He wasn't abused or neglected, just ignored and left in a tiny verikennel all the time. He is enjoying his freedom and I think he is truly happy to be living with us.

    I will look up the DVD too.

    Bandit did have a bad tooth, that was just pulled out on Monday. That might not have helped. She is getting back to her old self and feels a little better every day. A bad tooth equals a grumpy basenji!

    Thank for the advise and I'll keep you posted.


  • Here is a link to the DVD at Dogwise.


  • Houston

    Sounds like you are on the right track for Bandit and Hunter to live in harmony.

    I wanted to wish y'all a big welcome to the forum, it is a wealth of knowledge, fountain of information and whirlwind of amuzing pictures, videos and antics..again Welcome.

  • Have you tried a DAP?

    Also, how bad are the fights? Injuries? or just lots of nasty noise?

  • Welcome and bless you for loving Hunter letting it become his home. Better days ahead I am sure Bandit still wants her love loss Congo time and training well make it right. Good luck look forward to pictures.

    Rita Jean

  • For the sake of sounding ignorant, what is a DAP?

    The fights are noisy and that sound really, really bothers me….I can't imagine people watching dogs fight, but that's just me. Anyway, there has been just one case of one drop of blood on Bandit.

    At the moment, both dogs are on the bed with me enjoying a chew hoof with no animosity. They were actually playing for a bit in the living room earlier. I am really hoping that part of the issue was Bandit's cracked tooth. I try to give them equal love, even though Bandit knows I love her. This may sound silly but I do want Hunter to feel loved and that he is part of our family and that he's not going anywhere.

    He really is a precious pup!

  • DAP stands for Dog Appeasing Pheremone, it is sold in as a diffuser that plugs into a wall or as a spray. It is the same pheremone that is released by nursing dams to calm puppies.

  • If they get along most of the time then maybe there is something that one or the other just doesn't like. Learning to read their behavior to find out can be important; the suggested DVD and your training should help. It will just take a little time for the adjustment.
    And kudos to you for rescuing Hunter.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I also consulted with the obedience school trainer. She gave me some tips too.

    Like, discipline both dogs. Usually, if one is growling, the other is doing something to antagonize the other. She was right. I have been watching them both and Hunter will glare at Bandit and stand so she can't get by. She then growls and it goes from there.

    Can I just say how much fun the first squirt from the water bottle was? :D:D Oh my gosh, I almost fell over, I was holding my laughter in! Hunter was antagonizing and Bandit was reacting and I squirted both of them, dead on, in the head. They both jumped straight up in the air and ran, it was hilarious! :D:D Later, they came back together and Bandit was licking Hunter dry. Awww, precious moment. :o

    They are both getting along a little better every day. The trainer also told me that they might never like each other but they can be trained to tolerate each other. I like to think that they already do like each other and that they are still getting used to one another. It's only been less than 4 months.

    Hunter is coming along with his training. He sits pretty good and is working on stay but down is a hard one for him. I am using treats as a reward, for now. I try to work with him every day. That seems to be helping too.

    Again, thanks for the tips!

  • Wish you had more hands one for the camera would have loved to see the two of them. So happy things are getting better.

    Rita Jean

  • Welcome to the forum Vicki, sorry you lost Congo, but realy happy you have rescued Hunter. Hopefuly the two dogs will get along soon.
    I must admit to having a giggle over your description of the squirter 😃

  • Hi Vicki - I love your name. 😉

    Welcome and I hope to see more of your postings.
    This is the best site for help, advice, and friendship.

    I, too, use the squirt bottle and always keep a cup of water on the counter for more drastic intervention. My two will go at it, then clean each other up once they are wet. It is funny.

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