• My name is Crystal from Pa I have a great dane that we have just got test results back fom Penn State and he has Fanconi's.I am hoping that I meet with others who also have dogs with Fanconi's.I am trying to learn all I can about this so I can do what is right for him.His name is Brock he just turned 7.

  • You will want to make sure that your vet has a copy of the Fanconi Protocol. On the last page is contact information Dr Steve Gonto who developed the protocol, if you have any questions, he is a great resource.


  • Thank you so much for the info.The vet and I have a copy of it and last week he started the protocol.I will try to contact Dr.Gonto.Brock is 130pds. so I am hoping we have the dosage of things correct for him because of his size.

  • Definitely contact Dr Gonto, he will be able to help you make sure the dosages are right.

  • Lots of people here with tons of Fanconi experience. Please dont be afraid to ask. Welcome.

  • Welcome at the forum, I hope you find some good info about Fanconi

  • Hi cm3, my basenji Tayda was diagnosed with Fanconi in November of last year. Dr. Gonto is a great resource and has helped LOTS and LOTS of Fanconi afflicted animals… not just basenjis and not just dogs! There is also a Yahoo group for Fanconi (look on yahoo groups) that has a lot of information as well...

    Feel free to ask any questions...Dr. Gonto would be best for dosage information but there are other day to day things about Fanconi that we can help with. How to hide pills, how to manage the increase in water consumption and peeing, etc etc... there is a private fanconi list on this board, but i don't think many people are on it.

    Good luck and let us know how things are going.


  • I hope you have your great dane for many years to come.
    Do keep us informed.

  • Hello & welcome from Canada. I'm sure you'll find all the info that you need on this forum, much great reading & knowledge here.


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