• Good evening everyone,
    My name is Shell and just adopted what some people call brat. A basenji/rat terier mix. His name is Tag and he is 5 months old. The reason we named him Tag is because he is mostly black but has one square spot on his back that looks just like a price tag, Enhance the name Tag. I have a cattle dog that is just over a year old named Teeka and a pure bred mutt named Freddy. I am a foster mom to. So I have one foster named Bella who is a rat terrier.
    I found this group in the home that I will learn more about basenji's.

    So any info on this breed would be great.

    Shell Mom to my furkids, Teeka,Freddy and Tag

  • Welcome, Shell. I love ratites, so a basenji-rattie mix sounds like a treat. Can't wait for photos!

  • buckle up, you're in for a wild ride! however, basenjis can be addictive.

  • Welcome to the board. Please share pictures! Does your guy bark or does he make basenji noises?

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