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Thank you all for the advice and info on the Bay Area meet up! We'd love to join once we've gotten him acclimated to our home and a few of our friend's dogs.

In the meantime, here is a photo of our sweet little boy!


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@jengosmonkey thank you!

Totally agree - Crate is never for punishment!

We haven't tried to put him in a car yet but the foster family said he was stressed both on the car ride from the rescue and the ride to deliver him to us. He’s had a lot happen in his short little life in the past few weeks so I want to give him time before we take him places. I am thinking of get a seatbelt that hooks to his harness for the car for safety.

Thanks so much!

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@aprilk thank you! Very helpful information.

We have other friends with various breed dogs who stopped using the crate after a few years because their pups mellowed and knew the rules of the house. We’ll see!

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Hi all!

Happy to have found this forum.

My husband and I just adopted a rescue pup. His name is Finn and we suspect he is a basenji/chihuahua mix. He is approximately 1 year old and about 14lbs.

We just adore him! It is only night 1 and we know we will need patience and consistency in training.

I was initially nervous as all our research said basenjis are challenging to train. However, I am really looking forward to a trail companion and a pup that hopefully can go along with us on day adventures.

We never crate trained with our previous dog, a beagle mix who would eat anything and everything and had us wrapped around his paw. 😉

We are highly motivated to crate train Finn as it seems that is important for when we have to leave the house for a few hours. Our crate is about a week out on delivery unfortunately. Can’t wait for it to get here.

I am curious who has their basenji crate trained but has their pup sleep on their bed at night? We really want our little guy with us in bed at night and the crate only used for daytime. Thoughts?

Thank you!


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