• Hi,

    My name is Swapnil and I live in Arlington,Texas with my gf and my 11 month old Besanji Lab mix . She has been with us since she was 8 weeks old and is one thoroughly spoilt Basenji who has started to undergo beginner obediance training at petsmart .

    I have been reading the forums and many of the stories in there are a representation of the times me and emma have shared .

    She stays in the crate while I am at work and is let out when I come home for lunch to check up on her (A luxury which no amount of high gas prices would make me forego) . Earlier on , we did have a lot of issues of destruction of walls, carpet when she was left at home on a leash . Since we have started crating her , things have been much more calm and composed and there have been no "What the hell !!!" moments as soon as you open the door !!!!

    She has rights to every single peice of furniture which I own and loves to sleep on the bed with us and cuddle to get warm (Hence the username !!!) . The love seat I own should be renamed to a petseat by now since emma has decided it as a perfect place to doze off when mum and dad are enjoying those movie nights .

    She can be quite stubborn at times which I have comes to realize can be overcome by an onslaught of well - deserved treats .(She is more greeedy that she is stubborn 😛 )

    At the moment , I am trying to overcome her habit of jumping on people in excitement when they come home . It is something which onle happens to new people or people who she does not live with .When we come i through the door and let her out she will jump for a while but then will immediately sit down looking at us and wagging her tail in excitement which is when she gets coddled . She gets real excited around guests at first but tends to calm down about 10-15 minutes later after which she probably will get one of her ropes or the kong and try to nudge it into their hand as an indication of "Play with me !!!!" .

    All in all , one of the best decision I ever made was to rescue this little pup whose only information I know was that she had the eyes of an angel and was part labrador who is not probably 40 % lab and 60 % besanji .


  • What an adorable puppy! We love pictures!

  • She is absolutely adorable!:D Welcome to the Basenji Forums!!!

  • Welcome to the forum..

    ah.. i don't know what to say… She is soooo Cute...

  • Such a cute puppy - and welcome to our pack.

  • Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

    Welcome to the forum! Please share your stories and keep those lovely pictures coming! 😃

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