• First Basenji's

    Hi. Allow me to introduce my dogs and myself to you.
    My name is Maureen and I live outside Philadelphia with three Basenjis. There names and ages are Leo, 4, Jack,3, and Stella,1.5 years old.
    Obviously, I love the breed. I had my first basenji about 17 years ago, and now am seeking a home with a yard. I must walk them minimum of one-two hours every day and its getting old.

    So, I hope to find a yard for my dogs within the next 6 months.
    I look forward to reading your stories and hope to contribute soon to this forum.:rolleyes:

  • Welcome… hope you find your dream home soon.... Who did you get your Basenjis from? Many of us are related by our Basenjis

  • Houston

    Welcome Maureen and lovely pack, nice to have you onboard. I wish you luck in your house hunt, may it be swift and painless..

  • Welcome, Maureen and pack! I have three also, but much older…10, 12 and 14.
    I love having three, it is just the right number for us. Hope you find a yard soon, but you may still have to walk them often to keep the energy used up!

    Anne in Tampa

  • Welcome to the forum! I have a yard and still walk em 1-1/2 hours a day.:D Anyway great job keeping them exercised and happy!

  • Welcome to you Maureen, and to your three basenjis Leo, Jack and Stella. Have you any pictures of them you could share with us? We love pictures!

    I hope you find a home with a backyard for them in a timely fashion. Would you be renting? Some owners are very fussy and don't want animals at their rental properties. Such a shame, because a lot of animals are cleaner than some humans.

  • Welcome to the forum. I hope you find somewhere with a yard soon.

    Mine have plenty of room to run about at home so I only have to take them for walks for new sniffs which they enjoy. I'm getting too old for long walks and have to split mine up as I can only manage 3 at a time at the most. 2 of my walks are quite short (about 30 to 40minutes) as the walkers include two oldies who can't manage far on lead although I must say that at home running free they seem to get around very well.

  • I have three bs too! And I'm just across the bridge in Jersey! Mine are 6,5,&2.5. Welcome! 🙂

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