Corky's Mom


Thank you for letting me join your community. We are one of the lucky ones, because of Corky. April of 1998 we had two wonderful Rottweiler friends, Helga & Hagar. Helga (12 years old) layed down in her favorite spot in the backyard and just went to sleep. One week after Helga passed Hagar was diagnosed with cancer and had to be put down. As you can imagine we were pretty upset. We waited one month, could not wait any longer. I wanted something different, so I call the animal shelter that was closest to us and was told they had a young female Basenji that had been found and not claimed. She was going up for adoption that same day. I asked them to hold her for me, I drove the 80 miles to pick her up. She was about 8 months old, had kennel cough, was lethargic and my husband wondered what did I bring home. Well, I have to say that was the best 80 miles I ever drove and my husband agrees with me. She is a great friend and a true arrogant Basenji.
We now have Corky and her little sister Zoe (Chi-Weiner)

Welcome to the forum Corky, Zoe and Mom! 🙂

Thanks for sharing your story and photos!

what a heartwarming story - thanks for sharing. Looks like Corky found a wonderful home.

Thank you for replying so quickly. It is nice to share the love of Basenji's with other Basenji families. I live in Eureka CA and there are very few Basenji's here in our town. In fact I have only seen one and it was just visiting a neighbor. I know there must be more, I just have not seen them. Corky is such a joy to us, I have heard that some can be contankerous, she is not. She is independant when she wants to be, but also very needy when it comes to loving. I love the way I can call her, she comes in the room and if she wants to she will come, if not she will walk out of the room. She will be 12 years old this year and I am hoping she will live to be 90.
Thank you for letting me rattle on. Jan

One of my pups lives with 3 other basenjis in McKinleyville up that way. I also know that there is another basenji owner up that way because they always visit the basenji ring when we show at the Lost Coast Kennel Club show up there.

Welcome, what a great story

Thank you for opening your home and heart to this b.
Glad you found the forum.

Welcome… those are great pics, thanks for sharing!:D:D:D

about your Basenji, they just spoil you, and the other is also so photogenic, in fact they both are. So glad you decided on this breed, and I know how you feel when you want them to live forever.

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing such a lovely story and those beautiful pics!

Welcome to our pack - and thanks for sharing that wonderful story.

Hello & welcome from Canada. Very good of you for taking these 2 in. Also, sorry to hear of your loss of the other 2.


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