• Hi, it has been awhile since I have posted about Kell and the rest of our pack. Kell will be three this Dec. After we fostered a couple of Bs, young ones that would play with him, unlike our 2 girls who thought playing with him was beneath their dignity, Kell went into a blue funk after they left. It was so hard to watch him go from an active playing hell hound to a sad boy. So even though I swore not another B puppy, since I barely survived kell's puppyhood, we obtained a beautiful black and white puppy from my friend who has bred several of the Bs we have had thru the years. In fact, Sidhe (Shaye) is Duncan's aunt and Rogue is his great aunt. So we stayed in the family. The only saving grace about Duncan is he is not as tall as Kell so cannot reach as much as kell can, and his nose barely touches the kitchen couner edge where Kell can almost reach the back of the counter. But Duncan can hop on his back legs and gains a couple of inches that way. We are back to our 4 pack again and life with Duncan in it is back to "where did he get that" "it was on top of the stove, at the back" Duncan Dammit is frequently heard. He followed in Kells footsteps or chewing steps and ate a TV control box and a pair of Duane's glasses. But we are nutty Basenji people and can't live any other way.
    I have a favor to ask, our breeder needs to place 4 of her older dogs as soon as possible. Her husband has had a reoccuring health problem and is in the hospital again. She has her own health problems that are taking a toll on her with taking care of her husband. Duncan is from her last litter - she will no longer be breeding to show . She has 3 that are 10 years old and one that is 7 and all would love to have their own homes and couches. If anyone is interested or knows of someone who would like a well trained B, former show dogs, please let me know and I will get the connection made between the interested parties.
    Another thing Duncan has done is to get the girls to play also, so we have B 500s with all 4 at times. Rogue ,the grand dame, will only occasionally join in, but Sidhe has remembered she does like to play thanks to Duncan pulling her into the puppy games. glad to be back. Dawn

  • Is this Cherry? I know George has been having health problems. I will get in touch with other Texas breeders and also send her referrals of anyone looking for a 'seasoned' Basenji!


  • Yes, she is heartbroken about it, but she needs to reduce her pack size. She wants them to go to loving homes, she has been able to place a couple in good homes, but being back in the hospital with George does not leave her time to do a proper search for good homes. Any help you can give would be gratefully received I know. Thank you, Dawn

  • OK, Dawn, the wheels are in motion! Several of us are willing to provide referrals to anyone we know of wanting an older B, and we're actively talking to people we know might be interested. Hope we can relieve a little of Cherry's stress; I know this is very hard for her.


  • Thank you so much Terry, I know it will relieve her mind if she can get them into good homes where they will get more attention that she is able to provide them. I will send up prayers for success. I am (plus my husband) the only Basenji nut living in this area, they have mostling hunting dogs or lap dogs, nothing at all like the Bs. God Bless, Dawn

  • I wish I was able to take one of them at this time as I love the older ones.


  • Heads up for those thinking of a 10 year old basenji, that's not really that old for many b's. My dear beloved Digital, the brindlewonderkid, had his very best year in agility as a 10 year old. He was also the #1 agility basenji in the nation as a 10 year old. Many 10 year old basenjis have plenty of spunk and life left. Digital started slowing down less than a year ago and this winter we shall celebrate his 16th birthday. And by "slowing down", I mean I can finally keep up with him. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wish Cherry all the best in finding homes for these not-so-olden goldies. They are very special.

  • Thank you for saying these wonderful things about the mature Bs. My Black Magic lived to 171/2 and only started going down the last 6 months of her life. There is plenty of love in the B's without so much of the puppitis that infects them until age 5 or 6! Cherry just wants to do what is best for these 4. So thank you for the words and send anyone searching to us to get them connected. God Bless, Dawn

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