• I just wanted to introduce my self, I have posted on here but never really introduce my self. I have a 4 going on 5yr old male B(simba). He is an AKC Ch. but after finishing his championship he was neutered and is now just a beloved family member. I was wanting to see if there were anyother Basenji's on here located in michigan? 🙂

  • There are several! I used to be in Michigan, Ann Arbor area….

    paging Duke and Kelli.... 🙂 (I know there are others as well!)

  • I am located in Okemos (just outside of Lansing). I have a 15 year old female (Zuki) and a 13 year old male (Zak). Where are you located?


  • Downriver area here! I have a few kids…Mojo (7), Cleo (6), Roxie (3), and Louie (3) who's in Florida. We do all kinds of stuff, you can check out my website for more details. Coming up we have some lure coursing in Manchester and weight pull in Leslie.

    I know a couple more of my kids in the area are on here.

    Who is Simba? Some of us here might know him. 🙂

  • I am located near Kalamazoo MI. Simba is from Tad Brooks of Meisterhaus Basenji's! Ch. Meisterhaus Unsensored!:)

  • I am not from MI but want to say welcome to you.

  • Ah yes, I know Simba! All his close cousins here say hello! 🙂 Simba's dad is a littermate to Cleo's mom. And his grandpa on mom's side is Mojo's dad. lol We were just in Kzoo a couple weeks ago, might be going back in June. We'll have to get together sometime.

  • My Tayda is a Meisterhaus B too!

  • To Kiroja tell all of his cousin's he says hello!:) It would be great to get together some time. I am going to start some obedience classes with Simba next month. I would love to do lure coursing with him but i have no idea where to begin. If you have any info that could help i would greatly apprecitate it. And all your B's are beautiful!

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome from across our big pond.

  • Simba, we are having a lure coursing trial April 11 & 12 in Manchester. If you would like the info packet, you can go to my website and email me, I will forward you the flyer. They have practice on Saturday afternoon after the trial, if you would like to give it a try with Simba. This will probably be the closest lure event for you, unless a couple in Indiana might be slightly closer? Don't worry though, they will have another trial again in September if you can't come check this one out. The best thing to do is come and watch and ask around. It's not really one of those things you can study up or practice much at home. lol

    I am planning on going, but still have to figure things out at work. Events are always up in the air for me. lol Most likely I will go and try to leave asap and get back to work in the afternoon. Especially Saturday, at least Basenjis go first so I should be able to deal with work. I hope to stick around for a few minutes of practice depending on how things are moving along. I have some other kids of mine I am hoping will make it, so you won't be the only clueless one. 🙂 Even if I won't be there for some reason, there are lots of nice people that will help show you the ropes so you and Simba can learn and give it a try. It's breathtaking watching the dogs fly across the field, and they sure do have the time of their life!

  • Hello & welcome from Canada. Nice to have you here


  • Kiroja- I sent you an email to get that info packet. If you didnt get it let me know. I am going to try to make to the trial april 11,12. Thanks for all your help.:)

  • Yep, got it. Looking forward to meeting you and Simba!

  • My first time here. I have had mine basenji for 3 years now. She is my buddy. Glad to participate in this forum.

  • @basenjimama:

    My first time here. I have had mine basenji for 3 years now. She is my buddy. Glad to participate in this forum.

    Welcome to the group. We would love to see pictures

  • Welcome…lots of good info here!

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