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She is four years old. It started about 2 months ago. When the vet took a look at her she stated it was a yeast infections. She eats Beneful.

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Help! My dog has a bad yeast infection in between her legs. We were given antifungal shampoos and lotions. As there was some improvement, it still hasn't gone away. She is very obsessed with licking herself. Is there anyone who may had a similiar problem with their dog?

Any feedback is welcomed

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This is very ironic story. I am literally reading the comments how b's have destroyed property. My dog was just walking around and looking at the backyard. I was enjoying reading and noticed she wanted to go outside. When I got up, I noticed ripped toilet paper all over the floor! I just laughed to myself as I know toilet paper is no comparison to the above however my basenji is always up to something.

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My Nyah does it too! It always takes her by suprise.

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Hello there! I am in West Bloomfield, MI and have a three year old basenji. she is quite active and wants me to play with her sock!

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Welcome to the forum. Look forward to your stories.:)

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I am from Michigan and was wondering if anyone knows any type of sport activity for Basenjis. I am located in West Bloomfield, MI. She needs the exercise and more social interaction.

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My Nyah is something esle! She some how got in the laundry basket to steal a sock. She took off running rapidly in the house as my husband is chasing her around the house. To see the expression on my dog's face was priceless!! To see my distressed husband chasing the dog with the sock in her mouth was hilarious. Of course, my husband got tired and sat on the couch. After the chase, Nyah did too and went to sleep.

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