New here from Ca with a Basenji/chi mi

  • Hey everyone. I have a new rescue, Chumley. He is a 10 month-old, chocolate and white Basenji/chihuahua mix. He not only talks constantly, he barks like a chihuahua, too. Noisy little guy. lol I've only had him a month and he's captured my heart. I grew up with a Basenji back in the 1960's, Jodi was the smartest, most ornery, and absolutely the most incredible dog I have ever met. I am so glad to find another of these wonderful dogs, even if he isn't full Basenji.

  • Hello and welcome! Great to have you joining in on the fun and education here. Do you have any pictures of Chumley? We love seeing pictures!

    I know I love all of the characteristics of my basenji. Thankfully we don't see a lot of ornery attitude, but smartness? Yes!

  • First Basenji's

    Welcome, also from California!
    Ditto on wanting to see pictures. 🙂 Chumley's a cute name.

  • Welcome to the forum. Is Chumley chihuahua sized?

  • Thank you for the welcome.


    Welcome to the forum. Is Chumley chihuahua sized?

    He's sort of in-between sized. He's gained a few pounds since I got him, he needed some weight on. He's now 12 pounds, 11 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder.

    I put pics up in the Show Off Your Dog forum

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