New here from Ca with a Basenji/chi mi
Basenji Mix

Hey everyone. I have a new rescue, Chumley. He is a 10 month-old, chocolate and white Basenji/chihuahua mix. He not only talks constantly, he barks like a chihuahua, too. Noisy little guy. lol I've only had him a month and he's captured my heart. I grew up with a Basenji back in the 1960's, Jodi was the smartest, most ornery, and absolutely the most incredible dog I have ever met. I am so glad to find another of these wonderful dogs, even if he isn't full Basenji.

Hello and welcome! Great to have you joining in on the fun and education here. Do you have any pictures of Chumley? We love seeing pictures!

I know I love all of the characteristics of my basenji. Thankfully we don't see a lot of ornery attitude, but smartness? Yes!

First Basenji's

Welcome, also from California!
Ditto on wanting to see pictures. 🙂 Chumley's a cute name.

Welcome to the forum. Is Chumley chihuahua sized?

Basenji Mix

Thank you for the welcome.


Welcome to the forum. Is Chumley chihuahua sized?

He's sort of in-between sized. He's gained a few pounds since I got him, he needed some weight on. He's now 12 pounds, 11 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder.

I put pics up in the Show Off Your Dog forum

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