Any new york basenjis?

So we have our new little girl, 10 weeks old. She is still young but when the time is right I would love her to meet other basenjis. Anyone in or around the new York area?

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I live in northern NJ and I also have a 10 week old girl! 🙂

Where in NJ do you live. We are in westchester county cortlandt manor. Where did you get her and how is it going?

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She is doing sooo soo good!! She is the perfect puppy and I hope she continues being it haha but I got her from Eldorado Basenjis in Massachusetts last Saturday. We live in Rockaway NJ in Morris County. I just looked up the distance between us and its about an hour and twenty mins not too too bad.

We live over the tappan zee bridge just north of tarry town. What highway are you off of? Are you crate training and how is it going? Does she hip your feet and pants a lot, just wondering.

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The Tapanzee bridge is about 45 mins away from me its not too bad I like driving over that way because I stop at the Palisades mall for some Buffalo Wild Wings. She is being crate trained and is doing really go she goes in there on her own and does not fuss when I close the gate. She will whine for a few mins and then realized I will not save her. She does not nip feet and pants. She does love my fuzzy slippers but I try and redirect her. She will chew on my fingers and hang if we are playing but not too much really. I can't really complain she has been doing awesome. Even learned to jingle the bells I have hung by the door when she wants to go out. She doesn't do it all the time but a few times a day. Its good progress.

Our girl is very attached.. She does well in the crate at night but if we go out during the day she is not so happy to be alone. She is overly friendly I think because I thought basenjis were aloof but not her. We got her from djakomba in brick nj. She is red and white. We are about 20 min from tappan zee maybe we can meet at a park sometime. What color is your girl?

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Yah I would def do that. I just have to wait a for her to get all her shots before I go anywhere public with her. She is black and white with one blue eye and one brown. I will post a pic later!

Yea we need all the shots too. I would post a pic but don't know how

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Its quite easy. You press Go Advanced. Then press manage attachments. Then add files you wanna post.

I figured out how to put the pic on my profile. Thanks.

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No problem I will be posting pics today hopefully. I am just so tired and its such a process to go through all of them.

I am always tired, between work, my 5 year old and the puppy it never gets better. lol. Looking forward to your pictures.

Saw your dolce, soon cute. I was only able to post a small pic of Dexi on my profile, I'm not too savvy with computers.

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Thank you! Yah computers are not my forte as well but I just uploaded pictures to Photobucket and copied and pasted the image code they give and just posted it. The pics come out really nice. Hopefully the info could help you post bigger pics in the future if you have time..

I will try to figure it out. So let's keep in touch as the weather gets nicer, so the girls can meet

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Oh yes I am so looking forward to that!

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