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@elbrant okay thanks. I didn't see that post before it was deleted

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@debradownsouth I reply to posts that interest me or if I feel like I have information to help someone. Otherwise I have no reason to post.

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@ashmoore92 I have 2 outside cats that seek out my Basenji for play when we are outside. But they do his and slap at Simba when he is being to rough or have had enough. The biggest issue I have had is when they run away. As others have said he wants to chase them when they run. Making sure he doesn't follow them over the fence.
Even though they are outside cat's and have plenty of room to get away. I kept Simba on a leash for several months during any interaction with the cats. He plays rough with them still but gets put in his place when it's needed.

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@kembe thanks for sharing this link. I will be getting my Simba something from there. Because nothing I find local really works for long.

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@eeeefarm Yea. My phone auto corrected and I didn't catch it. 😆

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Maybe a Basenji and Fiesta mix. Looks just like my neighbors dog. 🙂

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone from Simba and myself.

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What a pretty little puppy.

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@tanza Tanza I know. You and I talked about it after I got my first Basenji last year.

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