Hello! Basenji/Chi Mix maybe, what do you think?

@kris Definately a mix... perhaps a Basenji/Rat Terrier? Hard to tell for sure, but the body does suggest Basenji.

Hmm, I hadn't thought of that one, but now I see the resemblance! Thanks 🙂

Whatever he is, he's in good shape. His weight looks great! We had someone stop in about a month ago or so and ask the same question. I was CERTAIN that THAT dog had Basenji in it. She had him DNA tested and I was dead wrong. Not even a little bit of Basenji. So... I just don't know. If you do have him tested, please come back and share the verdict!

Maybe a Basenji and Fiesta mix. Looks just like my neighbors dog. 🙂

@wynette I've never heard of that breed, interesting 🙂

@annejanine Thank you, he's even cuter in person 🙂

@Wynette, did you mean Feist? I don't think Fiesta is a breed.

If you decide on a DNA test use Embark instead of Wisdom. I think Embark's breed data base is supposed to be more accurate. There is a Reddit group where people post DNA results on their dogs. Sometimes the results are hilarious. Occasionally someone will get results from both Embark and Wisdom with wildly different breeds listed. You can search by breed within the group, r/DoggyDNA.

He's cute - cut those nails, or file them down with a dremel !
Personally, I don't see any Basenji and have very little faith in the results supposed DNA tests come up with. Why not just love him as he is ? You are still welcome on the forum.

@eeeefarm Yea. My phone auto corrected and I didn't catch it. 😆

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