Considering adopting a Basenji/Shiba Inu mix

  • Hello all,

    My husband and I are seriously considering adopting a Basenji/Shiba Inu mix. We had a Shiba for 11 years, whom we loved. When we rescued her, we were also investigating Basenjis.

    Do you have any advice for us?


  • Where are you getting her from? Most shelters do some testing re temperment.

  • Sorry, don't have advice to give really, but would LOVE to see pictures if you have any! Two of my favourite breeds! 🙂

  • We're getting him from a Basenji rescue organization in Indianapolis and he sounds well behaved. Not sure what I want to ask… Do you think he'd be better with a second dog in the house, since we're gone part of the day? (My husband thinks we should have 2 dogs in the house.)

  • I always think having 2 dogs is better. They keep either other company when we are busy or working…and they can play in a way we can't...
    Make sure your dogs like each other. Dogs have fav just like humans do.
    A male/female combo seems to work best with male/male the next choice.
    I think if you can get the dogs close to the same age or energy level it is helpful.
    Just my thoughts.

  • First Basenji's

    Shiba + basenji two-dog household here! raise hand. I would love to see pictures too! How old is the mix? Any information on his history? I would definitely want to know how he does with other dogs before going for two at a time, but if you have room in your home, it seems like the way to go.

    No advice to give you really, since you've already raised a shiba before and there's plenty of other good information on this forum already. If it works out, I look forward to hearing updates.

  • Thanks for your advice. He's about a year old and recently was living with an older gentleman who couldn't keep up with him. Apparently he had an owner before that.

    I'll post pictures when we get him.


  • Congratulations! Sounds like a neat dog. I agree with having two, be sure he is social and gets along with other dogs of course. Can't wait to see photos!

  • I also agree with having two, or three, or ????

    Actually I think getting a dog every 5 years is best. It seems to spread the ages out well. That way the two youner ones can play and leave 15/16 year old dog at peace. Also, for performance dogs, one will be retired, one at his prime and one up-and-coming.

    I'd say, get dog #1 and train him so that he's a joy for you to live with before getting another. Because dog #2 will learn from #1 and they learn the bad stuff soooo much quicker than the good stuff.

  • I think two in the household is much better than one - most of the difficult problems, like separation anxiety, went away when I got a sister (basenji/collie mix) for my basenjji female. I know most people here say female/female is not a good mix because one can eventually think the other must go, but I've seen none of that with my two. Please do put pictures on the site when you have your mix - bet that mixture is adorable.

  • Welcome!
    Would you be getting Swiper the Americas Basenji Rescue?
    I would talk to the foster parents/organization. I generally agree that two is better than one, but there are some dogs out there that are not pack dogs. I would see what they recommend.

  • You are all so helpful! Yes, I know this rescue dog has been living with other dogs and gets along well with them. My female shiba was very agressive towards other females. My sister has a lab mix, much larger than a shiba, but my shiba dominated her ruthlessly.

  • would love to see some pictures of the basenji siba inu mix!!

  • Would love to see some pictures of the basenji /shiba inu mix!!!

  • @dmey:

    would love to see some pictures of the basenji /shiba inu mix!!!

    Mambo and his best friend Moses

    mambo as a puppy

    Mambo and his best friend Moses


  • That is one COOL looking dog!!! Its like a fury basenji, wider.. Nice

  • Thank you, glad you liked the pics!

  • Very attractive dog.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Very pretty boy!

  • I know this is an old post but I have a 8 month old basenji shiba mix (we call him a shasenji) He just began shedding and quite a bit but has never before. He gets along really well with other dogs but we were very dedicated to socializing him. I do think he would do better with another dog in the house because he is always looking to play and gets destructive when there is no one to play with him. He is very pretty and makes all the cute basenji sounds and we love him!

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