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Our Lacey, will not even poop in the yard. She prefers to go to the wooded area in our backyard or a ditch in the front. When we were visiting relatives on a farm for a week she would walk out into the cornfield to poop. In fact she was visibly disturbed when the other dogs would poop in the yard. She would look at them as if she was thinking, "But why are you pooping in the playground?". Even if we picked it up she would avoid running over the spots while playing.

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Our mix began to do the same thing. Actually lurching at other dogs while on a walk and we would get dirty looks from people. Take her off the leash and her personalty changed immediately. She even plays with the dogs that she earlier lurched at.

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Well the obvious difference is her size. She is a good 6 inches taller and about 20lbs heavier. She does like swimming immensely but not baths or rain. She has never been DNA tested so we're not really sure of her breeds. She does have strong similarities to Basenjis, color scheme, eyes, agility, quickness, speed, stature, characteristics, mannerisms, speech and personality. Her senses are extremely acute even more so than my neighbor's hunting dogs. She also shows traits that are evident in my friends Pointer. Her love of water, perfect pointing (except for the tail curl) and webbed toes. Our previous vet had two full blooded Basenji's and was the one who pointed out the similarities when we took her to him at 11 months.

What's been interesting is I have talked with Basenji owners about her actions and idiosyncrasies and they assume by that she is one as well until I show them a picture or tell them she is a mix.

No matter what, she has been a joy, even when it's been work, so I wouldn't want her mixed any other way, no matter what it is.



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We believe her enjoyment of water comes from the pointer side of her DNA. She still dislikes baths and rain but pretty much anything else is okay.

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She has definitely changed our views on the way a dog "should" be. Her vocabulary is astounding. We can no longer say, "walk", "gehan", "caminar" or even sign language. She's up and at your feet, ready to go at the hint of going somewhere. The pic of her in the snow was the first time she saw snow and it was 17 degrees outside. She was walking along the drive with me and all of a sudden sprung sideways without even changing direction, right into 3 foot of snow and disappeared underneath. While I was trying to figure out what she was up too, a field mouse popped out of the snow just a few feet in front of her and took off across the top with her porpoising right behind it. I don't know how she even knew the mouse was there. The only thing she didn't like when we were there was my aunt's space heater blew heat out the top instead of across her while she tried to lay down in front of it. She really loves the heater. Good times!


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We rescued an 11 mo old (she is now 4) Basenji / Pointer mix that was confiscated in a Pit raid. From the moment we got her home I could see she was going to be very different from all the other dogs we have had. She was very cautious, without prompting and by her choice, stayed in the dog bed for the next 6 hours. She then got up walked around in front of us and the coffee table. For the next several minutes she just stared at us. We asked her what she wanted but she didn't respond. After waiting about ten minutes "without" taking her eyes off us, she squatted and began to pee. She quickly stopped and walked to the door to be let out. We just had our first training session.

She is a bit larger than the pure breeds at about 40+lbs with color and stature appearing normal but has speckling in her white. When excited or preying her tail tends to curl up about 45 degrees but not all the way. She also seems to have unusual control of it, being able to move just sections of it at a time. She grooms herself frequently. Didn't bark at first but made yodel sounds like she was talking. After several months of barking at her she began to mimic me but will usually only bark when startled or excited. Her prey drive and speed are fantastic, fun to observe. She even plays by herself like a cat, sometimes tossing toys in the air just to catch them and even shows creativity. She likes to take a racket ball, squeezing it in her teeth over and over getting right to the edge of her mouth and having it pop out scooting across the floor with her chasing it. She remembers where all her toys are even if we can't find them. Her sense of smell and eyesight are amazing. When spotting prey she first points like a pointer and then stealthily sneaks up like a cat, unless I say "go" and she's off like a bullet.

Pros: Trained very easily and even elaborates on her own. Loves all the kids in the neighborhood. Plays everything that any dog might do, fetch (for anything), swimming, chasing (squirrels, cats, lizards) but doesn't hurt them when caught (pointer traits). She even plays by herself like a cat and even shows creativity.

Cons: Sometimes just doesn't want to do it! You can give a request but she'll just stand there and look at you, defiantly, like a teenage girl. Wants to constantly be doing something but will relax when it's rest time. Her intensity when playing have caused her several injuries which have been expensive but other than that she has been completely healthy.

Overall: Her amazing personality draws other people's affection for which she returns in abundance. She has taken a hold of my heart far more than any other pet I've owned. I truly wish her mix could be a breed.
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