• Hi, I’m Natalie:) A little backstory is that I got one of my dogs, on a complete whim, at a local Petco adoption event. He was just so cute and I was told he is Rat terrier/Chihuahua mix, and that’s why they named him Terri lol! Here is Terri:0_1605280961870_7C8020A3-34D6-4998-8926-45B9B2DF28D7.png
    For the nearly five years I’ve had him, I never questioned this Rat-chi combo he was believed to be, but upon meeting multiple other Rat-chi combos though the years , I’ve just felt he never looked similar to them. I work with dogs so I know how Basenjis are, with all of their quirks. To say the least, Terri is a bit quirky as well. I randomly looked up Basenji/Chihuahua mixes on google and found these photos that look almost exactly like my little guy. 0_1605281175743_C8F913B1-5602-4625-960B-8B11CB7A4E3B.jpeg
    Anyway, I’m curious to hear the inputs of some Basenji owners, and even if he doesn’t appear so to anyone, I’ll stay because I just like this forum. Let me know, if you want to, and be well!

  • Here are other photos for reference:

  • Bear in mind that the only way to know for sure is to do one of those DNA tests.... however, my guess is:
    drumroll ... ... ...       Basenji/Cattle Dog
    (due to the toes/toenails and general body shape).

  • He is very cute and as you've loved him for five years I guess it isn't really important what he is ! Long may the relationship continue.

    Frankly I think he is a bit too bulky to be a straight forward Chi-Basenji mix. they are both slim breeds but there is probably at least a hint of Basenji in there and even a tad of Chihuahua but there is also something else in the mix, something which would add weight and substance.

    Do let us know if you go the DNA route.

  • @elbrant wow interesting take! Might look into that! 😊

  • @zande yes it is true that this is ultimately meaningless since he’s not going anywhere 😂. Although, admittedly, he is quite fat right now (yikes) but he was a lot slimmer a year ago. Anyway, I do see how it could be a slew of different dogs cause he’s an odd guy, this one. Thanks for the reply!

  • @natmcg
    He’s adorable and fortunate to find a happy loving home!🐾❤

  • His eyes, his markings, his coat, his head (my first basenji, the product of 2 champion parents had a head like that), his tail that wants to curl, seem basenji to me. My Ibis, would have loved to have been overweight, and would look just like him (I pray he does not ACT like Ibis). And oh, there are times I wished for a nose that black.
    Lucky boy, has his owner smitten!

  • @kembe thanks!

  • @rugosab lol if Ibis lovingly tried to escape every place he went, liked being suffocated underneath blankets, chased every living thing in sight, chewed shoes to spite you not being home, peed on everything in sight, and stuck to your side like gorilla glue, then Terri is the same way! Thanks for the kind words😊

  • 2_1605314366173_91DA5DC2-2275-4D01-A64A-142358D620B1.jpeg 1_1605314366173_8338372A-8E77-4F41-AF74-5905007CA21A.jpeg 0_1605314366172_60FCB07D-10DC-4E09-A7FC-577D0413C63E.jpeg

    As always on this forum, DNA is strongly encouraged but having had basenjis all my life , some registered & full blooded and some mixes I’d like to think I can tell when a dog has some basenji in them. However I did have both my mixes DNA done by Wisdom Panel. Neither dog has any basenji DNA listed but both have a 1/4 DNA that just lists dog groups of which basenjis are in that group. I firmly believe my Cyrus has basenji in him as he talks and acts like a basenji but he does not have the coloring of a basenji and he barks like a small dog but unlike any dog I have heard! The vet has his DNA profile and he’s still listed as a basenji mix. Point is it doesn’t matter unless you’re showing or breeding! As long as you love them then it doesn’t matter and they can be whatever you think they are to you! I love my furbabies no matter what!

  • He certainly is cute. Give him an extra hug from me tonight.

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