New owners, Basenji/American Bulldog mix?

  • Found the site while googling different Basenji mixes and seeing this post:
    Looks like that person wasn't a frequent poster, but his dog looks exactly like Ivy, the dog we just adopted here in Indiana about 2 months ago. The breed description on wikipedia sounded a lot like her, somewhat aloof, likes to climb, sort of a trot walk, etc. No one seemed to shoot him down for thinking it might be part Basenji, and he knew the mom, so maybe we know what she is likely to be now! She has the wrinkly forehead and huge ears, similar size as the dog in the post above as well.

    she was found in a parking lot, had tape worms, had just had puppies, had a respiratory infection, had a UTI and then skin infection at her spay site, an allergic reaction, and played with a pin cushion, luckily didnt eat any. All that in less than two months!
    She's a stinker, but getting better and is lots of fun

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