My B's hocks are down (Walks flat footed)

  • I hope there is a Basenji owner out there that can tell me that they have seen this before and what to do.
    Kona is my 9 year old Basenji, she is the love of my life !
    Kona (for a while now) has had trouble getting out of her soft bed . She does not jumb on the my bed or sofa anymore and has gained quite a few pounds. She was as of 3 weeks ago 29 lbs. she is not on a diet and is 26 lbs. I need her to be 22.
    This weight gain was noticed by my friends but i did nothing about it.
    Now she walks flat footed. The doctor said "her hocks are down" We tested her for many Autoimune disease and rheumatoid all negative.
    Next week i might get her a set of orthotics ( Also was told of surgery by placing a plate and pins in her legs. OUCH! Can't put her through that.
    Any thoughts out there?

  • Since this is a bit old and there hasn't been a reply I wanted to touch base with you.
    How about some pictures of Kona's hocks.. that would be helpful to see.
    Hope she is doing better and her weight loss is gradually coming down.

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