• Hello everyone. My name is Beverly and I am a new owner (three days) of a four month old Basenji female. She is adorable and has LOTS of energy. If anyone has any potty training advice, I would love to hear it. She just had her first accident in the house and I would like to prevent that from happening…...lol Thanks.

  • Accidents happen, period… there is no getting around that. No different the a human child.... it is consistant schedules, feeding, etc... and time... especially with wet weather. Main thing to remember is if you think they need to go out, you most likely missed that window!!!

    Welcome to the list, who did you get your Basenji from, many of us are related by our Basenjis.

  • Welcome! Even the best trained dog will often have a few accidents in a new home, it is just getting schedules worked out, not anything emotional. As Pat said, establish a schedule, take her out often, especially after feeding. Nice walks every 2 hours will keep her emptied out. You will need to become aware of her signals of needing to go out. Set her up for success. The more time goes by with no accidents, the more that habit is established.
    Congratulations on getting Snickers! (I call my Nicky "Snickers", too)

  • Use a good cleaner to clean the area, so she doesn't return and piddle again there.
    Welcome. Glad you found us.

  • hi Beverly! Welcome to you and Snicker!

    Our breeder had used a word to train the puppies to go outside. It was 'hurry hurry'. Is it possible your breeders used a specific word too? Find out, and if not, choose a word to use consistently for potty time.

    For us, we did potty breaks after any nap/sleeps, eating, play time. Someone on this forum (sorry, forgot who, or I would give credit) suggested that a puppy can hold (for overnight) as many hours as their age, + 1. So, your girl is 4 months. Add 1 and that means she can probably hold herself for 5 hours. I found this was true for overnight, but as there are too many experiences and stimulations during the day for a basenji puppy, it is better to stick to after play, after meals and after sleeps/naps.

    Kipawa has his 6th birthday on the 25th of this month and he can now hold himself all night long. Prior to this, I set an alarm and got him up to get him to pee in the middle of the night. I would gradually increase this in 15 minute increments.

    It does get better! But consistency in training is the key.

    But, as Tanza mentioned, "accidents happen - period". Young dogs will always have accidents. Yesterday it was raining really hard. Kipawa did not want to go out to pee, so left a puddle in the den. Operator error. I know better that on days like that I have to specifically take him out. Thank goodness for hardwood floors.

  • Welcome to you and Snicker. I'm pleased that you said 'accident' - it's definitely not Snicker's fault. If you follow the advice gicven by previous posters you'll very soon have the perfect housetrained Basenji. They are generally very clean little creatures and in my opinion are the easiest dog to housetrain.

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