• Hi, After owning Moxie for 17 years, I am finally a new mom of akila. She was born 1-26-08 and is a red & white. She may be a basenji like Moxie, but she is very unique in character.

    I have a problem that I have not run into before…she seems to be suffering from seperation anxiety. She is fine until I go outside and then she cries and scatches. I ignore her, hoping she will settle down but so far she is wearing herself out wanting to be with me all the time.

    Any suggestions?

    thanks, Jackie

  • Be patient and give her some time. It may take some time but she'll get more comfortable. When she does not act anxious give her a treat and commend her for being a good girl. Take an obedience class with her to build confidence.

  • Where did you get her? Do you know what her living arrangements were with the breeder? Or have you talked to the breeder? The more you know about she before you got her can give you clues about why maybe they might have different problems.

  • Houston

    I wish I can help with your question. Our little boy, Otis seems to be doing Ok on that front and I contribute that to the fact that we have two other dogs. He is crated if we are not home, but the other dogs are in the same room as him, so he won't be lonely.
    Have you maybe tried to let her have something that smells like you, like a stuffed animal or an old tshirt that you have slept with for a few days.
    Either way I want to wish you welcome to the forum and wish you good luck with Akila.


  • Welcome to the forum!

    You can try to train her and make the time youre gone longer.
    From 1 minute to what you want, so she will understand you would never leave her and eventually come back home.
    Just wait outside the door and come in when she's silent.
    If she keeps yelling and screamin, bounce softly against the window (or door, or someting else) so she stops making noice to listen what happens and you can get in.
    If you get back when she's screaming, she may think you come back when she's screaming and will keep screaming (thats a lot of screaming!)

  • Yes, Buana's advice is the way - go outside (or even into another room with the door closed) for just a few seconds then come back and give attention and reward only if she's settled. Gradually increase the time you're gone but only give attention when she settles down.

  • My B went through a brief period of separation anxiety when we moved. He manged to do quit a bit of damage in the first two weeks of the move. The first time I left was the worst. It took some time and patience but we made it through. He was not left alone for the first week and then I slowly left for short periods of time. I found that he seemed more stressed if I stood outside and he could hear where I was but not get to me. My landlord would listen to hear him when I left. She reported he would whimper and pace but would calm down within five minutes. My only concern still is that he will not eat unless I am home. Good luck!

  • Give Akila a couple of baby blankets to cuddle in along with a nice size stuffed animal that you two have played with and cuddle her in balnkets and hold her with them. This might help some for sure time will work. Have fun with new baby.

    Rita Jean

  • Welcome Jackie. The ideas about leaving Akila alone for a short time and then lengthening the time have worked in the past for us. The soft things with familiar smell also should help. One other trick we have tried is to leave a TV or radio on at low levels. Talk radio or TV seems to work, but not too loud!

    Welcome back to the wonderful world of Basenjis


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