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So I think I need to get my Basenji a microchip. When outside, I always keep him on a long lead in our yard without a problem. Well I brought him to a father's day picnic with the lead. The party was outside and everything was fine until I went into the house and my family followed me. Within the five minutes my B was alone, in an unfamiliar yard, he chewed through his 1" thick collar, ran up the stairs, and frantically started scratching at the back door. I'm sooo lucky he didn't take this as an opportunity to run off. :eek: He has had some issues with separation anxiety in the past, but nothing like this. I was pretty freaked out. Without his licence or information, and not to mention how fast he can run, I fear I would never have found him.

I need to know what the best microchip brand is? What have you had success with? I've heard that some are hard for vets to read and some are not universal? I also want to make sure it can be read nationwide.

Can there be any negative side affects to the microchip?

Thanks for the input!

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So I was very excited to follow everyones advice and was convinced to start adding fruits and vegetables in my Basenji's diet. Unfortunately, my B did not share my enthusiasm. The first day I scooped a bit of pumpkin onto his food. He ate around it leaving only the scoop. The next day I mixed the pumpkin in with some dry food and raw meat, he only touched the raw meat. So then I "stuffed" meat with pumpkin, like little raviolis. I got one in him before he caught on. Next came the green beans and sweet potatoes. I mushed them up and mixed them with his food. He managed to pick out every piece of vegetable pulp and politely set it in a pile next to his dish and ate all the dog food. I also tried some lettuce and was convinced he ate it until I went to vacuum and found a small pile of shredded lettuce under my couch!! I haven't given up on the idea, just need to convince the pup.

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Great article and advice!! Thank you everyone. Now looks like I need a food processor and we can get started.

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I want to slowly add vegetables and fruits into my Basenji's diet. However I'm not sure which ones are good for a dog and which ones to avoid? I know dogs aren't supposed to have onions. I have been told to avoid tomatoes.

Also what about concerns with allergies? I've heard dogs can be allergic to corn? Is there anything else I should watch out for?

Thanks for your help!

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Barley shocked us all when we were visiting my boyfriend and he was getting an in home hair cut. Barley started eating all the hair off the ground!!! I couldn't imagine this being nutritious for him so I made him stop. It was a fight as I tried to hold him and he WANTED to eat the hair!!! Not sure what this craving was about??

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Yeah. I think I have done everything to Basenji proof the house, but he always seems to come up with something I never thought of. I guess that's how you learn. Luckily he wasn't hurt… well maybe just his ego.

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Oh the mini blinds are always open. I only close them on really cold winter nights. I think he got stuck on the string that hangs from them and pulled the whole thing off the window.

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My B is always good when I leave him home alone. He is free to run around the whole apartment and we never have an issue. Until now. I came home and couldn't get my front door open. Something was in the way. So with a little shove I got in and found the mini blinds from my bedroom on the ground blocking the door to my kitchen. I was super confused. As I walked down the hall there was a path of destruction: shelves were knocked over, pictures were on the ground, knickknacks every wheres but there was no Basenji.

I was still a little confused and slightly worried. I called and called but no B. I started rushing through the house panicking. I finally found my B downstairs under my living room couch. He absolutely refused to come out. He was shaking and all the hairs on his back was standing on end. After much coaxing I got him to come out and he jumped right into my arms and wanted to be held. :p

The best theory I can come up with is that B was looking out the window watching the cats walk through the woods behind my apartment. (A typical way he spends his time) Somehow he must have got stuck in the string of the mini blinds. Pulled them off the window and freaked out as he tried to get them off of him knocking over everything in his path. I don't think he got out of his tangle until he reached the kitchen. Then freaked out from freight and hid downstairs until it was safe.

Mini blinds: 1 Basenji: 0

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Barley sleeps in my bed. He sits on my pillow and paws at the blankets until I lift them up for him. Then he crawls under and sleeps at me feet. Not quite sure how he breathes under there?? Any time I move in the night he makes sure to scoot over so we are still touching.

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Thanks Guys. Hiding it in a piece of beef is working today. I did the three pieces sneaking it in the middle one technique. We will see how long it takes him to catch on.

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