Nicole's other half (not better)

Now that I actually own a B, I thought I ought to join in the forum fun and that way I don't have to speak through Nicole's account any longer. I am my own online ego now.

Aries, our recent adopted Basenji, is doing well and adjusting well to our pack.



Hey Rob! Happy to see you on the forum. Can't wait to meet Aries. Maybe you can bring her to the puppy match in March? đŸ™‚


We welcome you and Aries to the forum!

@Clay, that would be great. I am looking forward to getting some ring time with her this spring.

@Dan, Thanks!

How big is she Rob? Anymore pics?

She is a bit on the heavy side (but we don't tell her that) around 25lbs.


Welcome to the forum Rob and Aries

very nice markings!

Welcome to the forum. Great photos. Keep them coming.

welcome to the forum!

Yay!!! So happy you are here!

I love you,



Rob, so nice to see you on here, Welcome..Aries is looking good..

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