• I adopted Hollie from a local shelter in December 2006. She is a Basenji/Whippet mix and quite a handfull! Her curiousity and antics keep our family laughing at her constantly. She is the princess of her domain.

  • ANd why? I'm looking into getting one…but honestly have not heard of them before. Everyething I'm researching makes them sound like the perfect dog for me...


  • Basenjis are an awesome breed, but very different from other dogs. THey are good that they don't have a doggie odor and they don't shed. They are escape artists (like getting out of fences), they have to have plenty of exercise, most (at least mine) have to be on a leash when not fenced in, they are very independent and can be stubborn. If you have the patience it takes and like to be active the basenji could possible be the right dog for you. I recommend rescuing one (BRAT), but you may prefer to buy from a breeder. Either way I wish you the best.

  • They also need to have plenty of available things they are allowed to chew on! They are not a dog that can be allowed to get bored while unattended, not if you value your shoes, pencils, pillows, chair legs. . . .

    Awesome breed,though! No doubt about it. I'm glad I stumbled into them.
    I'd always heard about them when I was a kid,but it was just that they were "those African Barkless dogs". That's all I knew.
    I'm hooked now though.
    Two years ago Bloodhounds were my favorite dog. Now it's Basenji all the way! There are just no other dogs like them.

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