• Just thought I'd share a glimpse into how different life is with Keoki as opposed to Jazzy:

    Here are the beds they sleep in at night – everyone is good; no one chews their bedding.

    This is why Keoki doesn't get to have his night-time pillow when he's crated during the day. Note Jazzy crate looks just the same, no matter when or for how long she is crated.

    Keoki's on the other hand… well, this is what is left of a brand-new, first time ever used little bed that was in his crate with him for two hours this morning. :rolleyes:

  • Sahara is a chewer also, but she likes to chew only my things. She has never destroyed a single one of her toys, or bedding. She likes my furniture, hairbrush, toothbrush, glasses, new Bible cover, plastic anything, underwear, bras, anything that is not hers. I can live with most of it being replaced but I hate that she likes to dig her teeth into my furniture. Any suggestions?

  • Yes, LOL never buy anything of high quality,

    sorry, other than putting things up high and watching like a hawk, I am useless…...

  • @JazzysMom:

    Yes, LOL never buy anything of high quality,

    sorry, other than putting things up high and watching like a hawk, I am useless…...

    Along with all Basenji owners… you learn quickly to "protect" your stuff...:D

  • Yup, my 10 yo son learned to NOT leave his glasses on the coffee table. Fortunately, there are just a couple of tiny teeth marks in the edge of the lens which do not impair his vision because he can't get another pair {per insurance} until Feb.

  • If my Garrett chewed things up I would never be able to take him anywhere! for the Holidays we go to my parents house and stay for a week w/my folks my mom would freak out if he chewed her things, so I always bring some of his toys with us. My brother and sister in law would not be to thrilled with that ether, we visit them too, they are corgie people. 🙂

  • My boys hardly ever chew things when I'm home, but if I come home after my husband has been home alone with them I invariable find something chewed. They really do take advantage of him 🙂 I suppose its cuz they realize that treats are a possibility when they're good with me, and he generally doesn't remember to.

  • Mine seldom chew anything when I am home; it's when dh or the kids are "watching" them. I don't know if the people are less attentive or if the dogs know they can get away w/more when The Mom is gone though.

  • I guess it could be that. They know that they can get away with more. The problem is they can be tearing up one of my blankets and my husband sits their watching them cuz they are so Adorable. Yet, when they get to something that he really cares about then its a whole 'nother story.

  • Norm,

    My b will chew almost anything allowed he has gotten better i've had him for 2 yrs he's 3 yrs the shoes are no longer allowed in the house they go in the hallway otherwise they are his lol any remotes, phones, and anything else that has any value that i need i always put up high so he can't reach it Mine is addicted to bottles if he see's a empty bottle anywhere he doesnt stop till he gets it and can put his little love bite in it lol If he see's a full bottle he leaves it but not a empty one anyways all i would say is just put things where he can't touch them that pretty much the only thing i have figured out that will work with his little addutude and the bolting i got phoenix to wait for a treat before he thinks hes going out so he doesnt bolt unless he sees a animal or something outside other then that he just sits and waits for his yummy lol the only bad thing about it is that i always have treats in my pocket lol 😃 Good luck

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