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For that reason, we’ll one of them, of her howling and being loud that I don’t crate her anymore.

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You mentioned you created your B for years; if I keep Lily crated for even 30 minutes she is howling non stop like it’s bloody murder. Living in an apartment, I’m concerned with her “noise level”. It’s really the only time she speaks out, when she’s crated.

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Oh, I’ve been asked if I’ve spoken with the breeder about her behavior, which I have. And I’ve kinda just got the generic “she’s a puppy and needs training” or “these dogs need stimulation to not get bored otherwise they get into trouble”

Other than walks, playing with other dogs, what other things can I do for stimulation to keep her entertained while I’m gone so that she isn’t getting into trouble?

Thanks everyone!

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Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback and time taken out to respond, truly appreciated.

Lily hasn’t been around cat poop, so it’s only dog poop that I have seen her get aggressive about/enjoy.

She is 10 months, to me she is still in the puppy stages and we are doing positive reinforcement training at Petco, which she seems to be responding well to (sit, stay, wait for food, down, etc). My biggest concerns and issues are her aggression towards items that she “wants”. Wether it’s the poop or even a snack/treat.

The other day I came home to a shoe that, of course I got for Christmas, half eaten and destroyed. This is where the frustration comes into play because she’s doing super well, I don’t crate her anymore and she has free range but she also has plenty of her own toys to play with and chew. I didn’t have to put my shoes up before, and randomly this time she ate half of it. Seriously, half the shoe was missing. She is a perfect angel when I’m home but when I’m out is when she becomes exceptionally mischievous and that’s where my issues come in with her.

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When you say I might have to get a bit aggressive with her, what do you mean by that?

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I agree with searching out a reputable trainer that has worked with Basenjis, as I have heard and noticing first hand, they are head strong. This particular trainer; which I’m doing private lesson, not a group setting has had 3 basenjis before (she has shown my pictures of them) because that’s honestly the first thing I ask people, even my vet- I asked them if they’ve worked in basenjis and know how to deal with them. But thank you so much for your input and time. With Lily, I feel like most days she a wonderful angel and fun to play around and be with but on her off days, she is absolutely terrible. It’s literarily one extreme to the other. It’s those off days that want to make me give up and be done with her, when I say terrible- I mean it. It’s definitely discouraging. But maybe that’s because she’s still a puppy and hopefully will grow out of bad habits as well as with some training. I’m not sure if it makes a difference but Lily is a purebred as well, so I don’t know if that adds to her stubbornness.

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Thank you for your information, I will do some further research as well.

Mr. T looks a lot like Lily, the facial markers any everything. I would post a picture but I can’t fogure out how to use this (not from my phone at least).

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Hello everyone!

I was new to Basenji parenting, honestly, new to most dog parenting to begin with, and now I have Lily, she’s a TriColor and I adore her and her little quirks. She’s 10 months, had her since she was itty bitty and I’ve read some places that’s considered a puppy and other places an “adult”. To me, that seems like a puppy, especially with her actions sometimes. Training isn’t going so well- any pointers there? I’ve signed her up for obedience training at Petco, hoping that helps. I’ve also noticed that she seems to enjoy poop. Which is disgustingly annoying- to the point that she’ll get aggressive and defensive if I go near her to get her away from eating it (not hers <at least I haven’t noticed that> but while out at a dog park or something). Has anyone had problems with aggression like this, or in general and how do I combat that?

Thank you everyone, looking forward to all the helpful and wonderful feedback from this group!

I was going to post a picture of her, but can’t seem to figure out how to....

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