New to the Forum

Hello! This is Frank [tri] and Bailey . Frank is about 15 months and Bailey is 5 months. They live in Minnesota and are excited to join the basenji community!

Welcome..some of us are related by "dogs" so let me ask where your came from.

Frank and Bailey came from a Kansas breeder and they actually have the same dad!

Do you know if they have had any health testing done? If not, check out the health section of this group. Fanconi is a biggie and you can get a cheek swab test for both of your b's…if they have not had this done.
It will give you a clue to the future with your beloved dogs.

hi Frank and Bailey - a big welcome to both of you and your 'people'! Whenever you feel comfortable, jump right in, ask questions, let us know how you do things, and above all - post some pictures! 🙂

Welcome to you, Frank and Bailey. They look delightful.

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