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    Hi, I'm Buddy's Pal. I joined this forum to learn first hand from the experienced basenji owners, one can only learn so much from books ya know. Anyway, Buddy is probably almost 2. Long story short, he was found. Jumped right into this guy car, emaciated from worms and travel, demotetic mange, but friendly…I met guy, guy didn't know what a basenji was, I ended up with him. It's three months today as a matter of fact! I think I got lucky with his temperament after reading some other stories, not that he is angelic, NOT! However, very people friendly, aloof after a few (seconds) of greeting, mostly dog friendly, neutered and no real behavior problems. The usual: low recall, only when tricked or really wants to, some other stuff to much for my first intro thread. Have worked him in basic obedience and he is fine. My questions come up with the verbilizations: I have only just heard the famous yodel for the first time in 3 months when all four of us were laying around on the ground(Hershey,Candi,Buddy and me):). A growly things happens rarely. What say you?

  • Welcome to the forum!
    Some Basenjis are more vocal than others. We have one boy who yodels constantly, every time we come home, and when spoken to. We ask him, "How was your day?" and he tells us in detail. We also have group sing-alongs - usually started by our talkative boy, who gets almost everyone to join the chorus - but we have a couple of others who, when the singing starts, just sit and stare perplexedly at the singers.


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    Welcome to the forum, you will love it here. It is full of antics, knowledge, fun compare-alls and lots more. I have a4 month old boy, Otis and he is not verbal at all (yet), then I heard that some are more "talkative" then others.
    Good Luck with Buddy and I might as well say it 'cause it will come up….we want pics, let us see your pretty boy.


  • Welcome to the forum. My one b gives a "bark" once in a while…

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to the forum. You just ask and we will try to help you. We are always learning. I've had 3, 2 were fairly quiet, 1 was a yodeler. I'm getting my forth next weekend and I've heard he's a charmer and quite a yodeler. That's funny because I was thinking of naming him Buddy.

  • Welcome and as I am sure you have all ready learned just like when you had your first child everday soemthing new and fun. This a great place to learn and just have fun. We have a little girl Jaycee who will be 5 mts on the 26th Again welcome and we look forward to pictures.

    Rita Jean

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to the pack! I've had three and my current one is the only one that does much vocalization - but hasn't yet yodelled. So they don't all do so.

  • Welcome to the forum Buddy's Pal - i only have 1 basenji at the moment - she is a real yodeller - especially in the morning or at feeding time.

  • First Basenji's

    Thank you all for the intro of yourselves! I have just tried to get an album up, but am having trouble, I'll get it though! I have already learned a lot about the 'African Bush Thing'(that is what basenji means in the native language, read it some where) (when he is running through the woods, I see the white flash, I can only guess what the ancient peolpe thought of this breed???!!!)

  • First Basenji's

    You are so right about new things every day.!!!

  • First Basenji's

    Mine got his name because he just seemed to go to everyone and all other dogs, wanting to be a buddy!

  • Welcome to the Forum from another Floridian. I envy you your 10 acres, thats a great dog yard!!
    Anne in Tampa

  • First Basenji's

    Hey Anne, you sure have a pretty boy(girl?) Black is one color you don't seem to see very often. How's life in Tampa with a basenji? What do you do for exercise? Is yours a speaker? With all this rain lately, I've noticed Buddy staying close to the house and when inside, has really been behaving, only tore up tissues once…...He lives with my 8y/o lab mix and the female hound mix Candi, she and Buddy play,play,play....I live up in Crystal River, just an hour away....

  • Welcome to the forums, I can't wait to see pictures!!!:D

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