• Hi!

    I have two Basenji's who are a big part of our family, Willow and Wrigley. The girls are amazing and we are completely in love with them. Wrigley has not yet been spayed and we are considering having a litter of pups first. We live in Florida and have not found any Basenji owners…I'm hoping to find a match soon. If anyone knows of any Basenji's in the Central Florida area I would love a connection. Thanks!

  • Welcome to the forum, I'm surprised that no one has replied to your post yet. Especially since you mentioned possibly breeding. Breeding is something that you don't want to get into without careful consideration, consideration for the lives you will produce and consideration for the life of your bitch. And besides that… if done right, it ain't cheap!

  • Welcome KristinB.
    You might consider joining the Basenji Club of America or at least checking out their website to find fellow Basenjites in your area [[url]www.basenji.org].
    Can you share with us the full names of your hounds? And we LOVE pictures!!!

    Best of luck and keep us posted.

  • Some days, it's just best if I don't respond, but okay.

    Please I am begging you, spay/neuter your pets. Contact Brat or Pam Hamilton, flbasenji@earthlink.net and get involved with rescue help.

    IF your dogs were from good lines, their breeders would be mentoring you. In fact, most good breeders have contracts that forbid you from breeding until you do things like get a championship title, do all health testing including Fanconi DNA, eyes, heart thyroid etc. Have you done those? Many here know lines (I am not a basenji breeder, I just own them and showed one). If you give them your dogs' sire/dam and grandsires/granddams, they may be able to advise you about known health issues etc.

    Best idea, truly , is to spay your bitch, help keep her healthy, and share you love of the breed by helping rescue with finding homes for dogs already here.

  • Who are the breeders of you girl? As noted above, people new to the breed that might be interested in breeding have mentors in the breed… and as mentioned do full health testing before breeding. The most important thing if you are thinking of breeding is answering the tough questions 1. Why do you want to breed? 2. What does this bitch have to offer (better) the breed? 3. Am I prepare to be responsible for the entire life of any and all offspring?

  • A belated welcome to you and your Basenjis.

    Have you consulted the breeders of Wrigley about breeding from her? this is a big step you're intending to make!

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