• Just want to say Hi!!

    Call me crazy but I just added 2 new/rescued adult girl b'dogs to the two I rescued 10 years ago. So far so good considering everyone was a bit freaked out from the long 8 hour drive from Florida to Georgia. Everyone is settling in and getting the hang of the new house, stairs etc.

    As with any new rescue it takes time to build trust from the dogs end. My new girls are taking treats from my hands and not the fingers lol. Everything takes time so far so good.

    Peace and love - and lots of belly rubs to all.

  • Welcome to the forum LovesHerBDogs! We love our B dogs too!:D Very well done on taking the rescues as that's much needed. I've found all my rescues to be great ones that are real troopers! Anyway we'd love to see some pics if you can post some.

  • Hello! Thanks for taking in the rescues and providing them a new pack!

  • Welcome, B Dog Lover! I'm glad that you found this forum… so glad that you rescued basenjis, and that you know what wonderful adventures await you! 🙂 (I hope you have a digital camera? lol :))

  • Happy to have you ALL here with us! Can't wait to see pictures of your pack.

  • Welcome! I'd love to see some pix!:)

  • Houston

    Welcome to the forum…I, too, would love to see pictures..hint, hint.:)

  • Welcome to the Forum - you will find lots of good information and comeraderie here! Hope to see pictures of your gang soon!

  • PS - where did you rescue your girls from? Wondering if they are part of the group rescued from Wimauma!

  • LOL Shaye beat me to it! Several of us have Wimauma dogs. If you got adults from there, PLEASE join us on Facebook too. And welcome and bless you for rescuing adults!

  • Welcome to the Forum and thank you for rescuing these girls.

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