• I have had Zander for ten months and he is now a year old. He is a great dog but he and my toddler keep me running all day. I hope to learn and be able to share about my Basenji. He is constantly into everything all day. He loves to open my kitchen cabinets and jumps inside them. He chews on anything paper and plastic. But we love him and he is perfect with my toddler.

  • Welcome! Shadow does this so I put baby locks everywhere I don't want him to be. Enjoy the forum!

  • Welcome to the forum! Please post some pics of Zander!

  • Welcome. How did Zander "find you"?? I love those stories, the how and why we got our first Basenji.

    Wow! A toddler and a B. You certainly have your hands full:D

  • Welcome to our pack. When you get a chance share some pictures of Zander - we're all addicted to basenji pictures 🙂

  • Welcome…its like have 2 small kids isn't it!?

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