• Hello All,
    New to the forum. Which I would have seen this place many years ago. I currently have a female basenji (red and white). We are moving into an apartment from a townhouse. She has always been an outdoor girl with a couple of different run-mates. She has always been high strung and hard to "house trained" not the potty type but being social inside. Very long story short we are TRYING To get hard to get her to be suitable for an apartment (crate, potty, etc.) but we want to make sure that if we can't we find her a good home. There was a local rescue in Houston but it does not seem to be "around" anymore.

    Is there anyone in Houston Area here on the board that might be interested in an older b-girl?

    We just recently removed her run-mate and she is very lonely. She just howls and frets… I slept with her on the kitchen floor last night (hard tiles, warm basenji) and she was a good girl but as soon as we put her outside this morning she lost her mind.

    This is a hard decision for me get rid of her but I want what is best for her.

  • What about her breeder, have you contacted? Did you have a contract when you got her?
    If all else fails, contact BRAT www.basenjirescue.org

  • We owned her parents so we are the breeder (accident by the way) We gave them to a person with some acrage (sp) some years back so that they would have plenty of room to run.

    I have not contacted BRAT yet. I was looking for some local options first.

  • Houston

    Hi there, I am a fellow Houstonian..live up on 290/1960 area for now. Is she outdoors at daytime only? It will be a slow transition from freeranging in a yard to getting used to a crate, but it can be done. The question then comes, would it be fair to the dog, as you already questioned on your own.
    I would second what Tanza said and call/email BRAT, they are in the area, I am actually one of their fosterfamilies, although have no fosterdogs right now. They are very good at finding the right home for the dog, and have an extensive interview and home visit program you have to go through before you are approved as an adoptee. Good luck and Welcome onboard by the way

  • She WAS to be an indoor when she was born. She went off to Man's best friend to be trained and such when little. They told us she was deaf and unable to train her, she is not deaf just stubborn. She really panicked (sp) when she was put in crate/kennel when she was little. We worked during the day so she got to spend most of the time outside… and now she is a outdoor dog. She does remember a few things from her training. We were really bad parents and did not spend as much time with her as we should since she was an outdoor dog. She has been spayed but needs to be updated on her shots.

    We are trying to do right by her but like I have said I want the best for her even if that means I have to give her to someone who will take better care of her than I did.

    My inablilites are not her failures only my own. Thanks for all the information.

    On a side note.

    Funny to see other people in the Houston area with basenji's we have only seen MAYBE 5 in the 15+ years we have been back in the Houston area. Our first pair of basenji's had puppies which we gave to people because we loved the breed and this is a great grand puppy of them that we are having to part with.

  • There is a rescue in Houston called Country Hearts Hound Rescue. She does have Bs available for adoption on Petfinder.

    I used to live in Houston from 1998 to 2004 and in 2001 started rescuing Bs from the dog auctions. Most of the time I would be the only B owner attending lure coursing events in the Houston area. At the SNAP clinic in Houston I was known as the Basenji lady.


  • Can I ask, is she fixed and has she been tested for fanconi?

  • She has been fixed. As for the falconi, I dont think any of the basenjis that I have have every been tested for it.

    as for the country hounds and hearts place. I went by the address listed on the site and it appears that no one has been there for a while. Very scary looking place.. overgrown, strange smell, fence pieced together with kennel/crate doors, vacant car.

    I called the number and it was disconnected and I tried a second number and have been waiting for over a week for someone to call back.

    We are going to give it the college try to get her "normal" but I want to make sure that I am not doing her a dis-service. I have time before we are slated to move but I also want to make sure that she would be happy.

    I know deep down that I have not been a great owner to her but I love her very much and don't want to see her harmed in any way.

    Thanks everyone for the coments and suggestions

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