• I believe I have a Basenji mix, but she's SO Basenji, I can't imagine what she might be mixed with! I've attached 2 photos. Interested to hear your opinions. Personality seems to be 100% B. I fostered other breeds and someone knew that and told me about a "German Shepherd puppy" that had been dumped on their property. That was 6 months ago, and there's no way I could ever let her go. Your forum's been very helpful. Glad you're here!
    Giselle's mom

  • Hi Kate,
    welcome to the forum, Giselle is beautiful and looks like she has a lot of German Shepherd in her. Tell us a bit about her

  • Welcome she is beautiful one very nice looking lady. I do think she has a lot of German Shepherd. Not a bad thing look how pretty she is.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Welcome to both of you…She is such a pretty dog..yes, do tell more.

  • Really? GS? I thought for sure Basenji mix. She's as big as she's going to get at 35lbs, has the furrowed brows and pointed ears. Tail doesn't curl tightly, but the tip curls over to touch the back. She seldom barks, doesn't smell like a dog or shed much, and is the smartest dang dog I've ever met. When I met her in June, the vet estimated her age at 6 mo b/c she had her adult teeth but had not yet gone into heat. So the furrowed brow doesn't say Basenji? She's so small I didn't think shepherd mix made any sense - but I thought Basenji did. Maybe I haven't been picking up the right info by looking at pictures and reading the descriptions. What are your observations? Thanks!

  • When I saw the face first I thought GS. but to be honest, some photos of her standing, front and back would be helpful.

  • You requested some more photos to help solve the mystery. There's one of her standing in my original post, and here are 2 more. Guess she doesn't really have the stance of the B, does she?

  • Basenjis are not the only prick eared breed with wrinkled expressions. Here is a pic of a Belgian Malinois with a furrowed brow.

  • And once I called her a shrimp GS I thought I'd Google and see if there even existed such a thing as a miniature GS - and there is! I had no idea. But I thought the personality was B, for sure. I'm so confuuuused! She doesn't shed much, is extremely prey driven, definitely a sight hound, has a variety of vocalizations. But you're right - if the worried look isn't dispositive, she really does look more shepherdy. I don't know. I appreciate the feedback and help figuring this out.

  • Many breeds can be very high drive. What behaviors are making you think sighthound specifically?

  • She wants to chase cats, squirrels, etc., and when we lived with a fenced yard, she chased (and once caught) rabbits. She lives to run after the tennis ball. Yesterday we had our first snow and she couldn't find the tennis ball once it was covered by a thin coat of snow, so I figured the sniffer wasn't working as well as the eyesight. Normally, she runs after the tennis ball over and over and over and over …. She'd never stop, if she had her way.
    I also just investigated miniature GS further, and I guess it doesn't exist. More confusion.

  • Pretty dog - I too would guess Shepard mix of some sort.

    I have a friend who has 2 german shepards and 4 cats - all the cats get chased by 1 of the shepards (as a game, not to hurt them - the cats & dogs all sleep together on the same bed :)), the other shepard is a little more laid back so does it less frequently. If the cats dart, the cats get chased. If the cats walk, they don't get chased. Squirrels, chipmunks, etc. are chased by both shepards as they dart.

    Regarding the tennis balls - most basenjis aren't really fetchers. Of my 3 basenjis, my boy Brando could fetch for hours (and his children are the same way). My 2 basenji girls will chase the ball and grab it and run it back to me (maybe once or twice in a row), but mostly to interrupt Brando's play and attention or to get Brando to play with them instead - their attitude is more like "you threw the ball, you go get it." :D:D

  • My basenji sonny loves to chase the tennis ball but as far as bringing it back…that doesn't happen...he chases after it as fast as he can then layes down next to it & waits for be to catch up & then throw it again! 😃

  • Acutally Lisa, I was going to say BM. It definitely looks like part.

  • No matter what, it's an adorable face. She looks lovely. I'd be proud to call her a part of the b-mix pack here 🙂

  • Coloring looks like GS but face and body structure looks more like the Malinois.
    Did you see this description: http://www.akc.org/breeds/belgian_malinois/

    In the end it doesn't really matter what breed she is, if you love her and she loves you!

  • I think maybe GS/Husky mix…with the tail curling over the back, and the size...she is beautiful, no matter what she is!

  • Thanks, Snorky998! Maybe the reason G only weighs around 35 lbs is the Basenji part of her. Can't help it if the rest looks shepherdy. 🙂
    As for the ball-chasing, 1st, the tennis ball is the thing she loves the most in the world. 2nd, I don't let her have a tennis ball any time but when we're fetching, so it stays really, really special. 3rd, over time she has come to understand that the second ball does not get thrown until she's dropped the first ball at my feet. She is, of course, brilliant, so she gits it, but she's also brilliant, so she tests all the time. She'll drop it a foot away, and look at me. I'll shake my head and she'll bring it closer. But as long as I pay attention and only launch when the first ball is dropped correctly, she knows how it works. If she didn't adore the ball, it wouldn't work. There's got to be something in it for her. Frisbee? Fuhgeddaboudit. But the ball is her obsession. And thank goodness we've worked out this system, b/c I'd never be able to give her the daily exercise she needs without it. She's wound tight before, and sacks out afterward. I love it!
    I thought she'd be good at lure coursing, but figured she'd be THAT dog who cuts across the field b/c she's figured out which way the bag is going to go.

  • Are either the Malinois or Husky only 35 lbs? I'll look at the breed descriptions. Thanks!

  • Siberian Husky females are usually between 35-50 pounds.

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