• In my long pursuit to determine what seems to be a rather complex mix (not that most mutts aren't) of dog, I stumbled upon a picture of a Jack Russell/Basenji mix. It was cute and kind of resembled my dog so I looked up more breed info for Basenjis.

    I have always told people that I swear my dog was a reincarnated cat. My dog has many breed similarities with an Australian Shepherd but the cat stuff never really fit. He is very particular with people when he meets them and doesn't do well with cats and very small dogs. He didn't bark until he was a year old and lived with another dog for awhile. It isn't a yodel type bark though.

    While his ears are not Basenji and his color is similar to many breeds I was wondering what the forum thought. Perhaps Zaf? is 12% Basenji?

  • Looks part Basenji to me. Whatever he is, he's adorable!!

  • He is very lucky to have found you.

  • Houston

    I'm not really at pro at this…yet..but I think he might have some basenji in there somewhere. Welcome onboard, nice to have both of you here.

  • Welcome. Not really sure but could be I sure wish that traveling saleman would leave there business cards. Then we would know what our babies were. Who cares again welcome and heis a very handsome boy.

    Rita Jean

  • You can do the DNA test for about $60-70 with a cheek swab to know for sure. He is really, really cute and certainly could be part basenji. Welcome to the group.

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