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Thank you so much but for the last 6 months yes, six months I have not gotten a response from them and those pictures are 2 years old of that sweet pair. That is why we drove to Texas to adopt Enzo our current basenji. We like to adopt older dogs and would love to have another older pup since no one seems to want them. Thank you again. I’m trying pet finder. We are so lucky in Colorado that most of our shelters have a high adoption rate.

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Would anyone please recommend a dog breed for our little Enzo. We only adopt rescues (including Enzo). Basenjis have such a strong prey drive that I don’t want to adopt a squeaky toy for him but I don’t want to hurt his ego by getting too big of a sibling. We have only had basenjis and border collies for the past 30 years and we tend to adopt older dogs (3-7 years old) that no one wants. Thank you

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There are also blow up ones on amazon and Groupon they work great They look like the neck rest pillows you wear on a plane but for dogs. We got a medium for our 20 lb basenji Enzo

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We express our little girls anal glands about once a month. Your vet can show you how so you don’t injure your pup. A pair of rubber gloves, a paper towel and a sense of humor for the love we give to our companions. The smell is terrible but better to do it yourself on paper towel than all over the house. I wouldn’t recommend removing the glands it’s so easy to do it yourself.

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We drove 13 hours to Texas to adopt Enzo a 5 year old Faconi positive basenji. I am so happy that there is this platform to help. Our last basenji Kehae lived to be 16 years old and broke our hearts. It’s taken us 5 years to adopt another. I forgot how crazy smart and calculating they are. We r dealing with health, skin and attitude issues. Just a learning curve. Thank u for being here

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Cute pup. She has all the markings of a basenji. Sometimes a little mix of another breed in her is good. It will help with not having the genetic problems basenjis have.

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