Just adopted a 5 year old black and white basenji

We drove 13 hours to Texas to adopt Enzo a 5 year old Faconi positive basenji. I am so happy that there is this platform to help. Our last basenji Kehae lived to be 16 years old and broke our hearts. It’s taken us 5 years to adopt another. I forgot how crazy smart and calculating they are. We r dealing with health, skin and attitude issues. Just a learning curve. Thank u for being here

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Good luck with your pup. There are several groups on Facebook for Fanconi support and also coordinating with Dr Gonto for treatment is a priority.

Sharp looking Basenji! Congratulations on your new B! 🐾🐕

Oh good. The BRAT Enzo? I was the one to come across Enzo the first time. They didn't want any help from us in the first place, then I think we found him again.

He's gorgeous - I have a soft spot for B/W basenjis.

I have a soft spot for them all....

I met Dr. Gonto - he's a great guy. He is an anesthesiologist (for humans) and had a b with Fanconi. I hear that stress has a huge effect on Fanconi and keeping it to a minimum is a must. Bless you for adopting an adult basenji in need. I hope he brings you great joy.

So cute. Thanks for the introduction and the pic. Great you are willing to undertake this type of adoption.

But I'm shocked, absolutely shocked, that a Basenji has what might be described as "an attitude"! LOL

My very first basenji was a black and white gal from Texas (Lilli). I called her MzLili). This is a stunning photo of Enzo!
Worthy of a frame and up on the wall.

Ever read the book or seen the movie "The Art of Racing in the Rain"? The dog's name (not basenji) was Enzo.

Good luck with your pup. He is beauitufl.

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First Basenji's

What a handsome boy! Best of luck with his health!

Thank you for adopting Enzo, he’s beautiful and sounds like he has the B—tude!

That b/w is a man with attitude ! He'll survive -

But talk to Steve Gonto - a great benefactor to our breed. I was delighted to meet him on a visit to our shores many years ago now.

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