• Hello all,

    I have a 45 pound Basenji and he turns his nose up to Purina One kibble (both the lamb and the salmon (sensitive stomach formula).

    On a whim a friend suggested I try Purina Puppy CHow and he likes it. Is he too old for Puppy chow? Is it bad for him? Ive heard that some dogs can eat puppy chow up until 2 years old.

    Anyway, any suggestions are apprecaited. Thanks!

  • Your kidding, right? A 45lb Basenji? Normal weight, even for a large male is around 28 pounds.

    And there really is not much difference in puppy food to adult food. And while the puppy food is not bad for him, I would say the "brand" of food most likely is as Purina Puppy Chow is not a very good choice of food. At least in my opinion.

  • Welcome to the Forum to you and your Basenji.

    I totally agree with Tanza about Puppy Chow which if its the same as in the UK would be a no no as far as a Basenji is concerned in my opinion.

    To feed puppy food to a one year old is not disastrous but it more sounds as though he might be better on a lighter diet.

    If your Basenji weighs 45lbs what is his height? I've known a few well over height Basenjis but never as heavy as that!

  • He is half Basenji and Half Beagle

  • Half beagle? Aren't they little like Basenjis? I have a Basenji female with Collie in her - collies weigh around 40 - 45 pounds - my mix is 33 and is fat, forever trying to get weight off her. PS. Purina is not great food, IMO.

  • I've never been a fan of Purina foods for animals. I call them "drug foods", as I am sure they are sprayed with something tasty to entice animals - but that said, I know other brands are also sprayed. However, I have never thought of Purina as a nutricious food.

    I may be wrong, but aren't puppy foods higher in calories? Sounds like your dog is on the heavy side, even if he is a beagle mix.

    How often are you feeding your dog? Just curious.

  • I have NEVER heard of a 45-lb Beagle or 45-lb Basenji.
    Sounds morbidly obese to me.
    And after a year of age, he probably isn't growing too much so giving him all that added "fat" in the food isn't the best thing to be doing.

    I bet after missing a few meals [sounds like this shouldn't harm him] he would not have a problem eating the lamb/rice.

    I would suggest something lower in fat content and higher in quality [like a premium dog food].. and some more exercise. Perhaps you could post a picture of how he looks.

  • A photo would be nice
    I would also change to a premium food.

  • Hi gornza, welcome to the forum.
    Your boy sounds a whopper 😉 is it possible he's crossed with a larger dog than a Beagle perhaps?

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