• Hello.
    We are an active, fun family who are getting ready to pick up our little Basenji pup. He was born on Jan 5 and we have about 4 weeks until we bring him home. We have a 12 year old Norwegian Elkhound who will help us show the new guy, "Juma" the ropes.
    I've been keeping an eye on the forum and am learning lots!!!! 🙂

  • Congratulations on your soon to join your family new basenji pup! This is a great time to start planning for his arrival.

  • I remember the anticipation two years ago waiting those few weeks to get Jazzy. I was so excited! I remember walking around the show grounds {I'd picked her up at a show}, holding her and just feeling like, "She's mine! She's mine!".

    I can't wait to see pictures of your baby!

  • Thanks for the well wishes. We have both the Vari-Kennel and the wire type crate. Any recommendations? The breeder has dogs that like both.

  • We use the vari-kennel for Jazzy. She stays in it when we leave the house and sleeps in it at night. It's also her "time-out" spot for when she is a little snarky with Gypsy or if we have a lot of little kids over and she's overwhelmed with "love".
    She loves it in there! We keep a couple of baby receiving blankets inside – I guess she is unusual because she has never torn up her bedding. She keeps a nice, neat bed.

    I've just never liked the look of the wire crates. They seems so uncomfortable and uncomforting to me. I like the vari-kennel because they seem to be to more like a snug, dark den.

  • Mine tend to like the wire crates for at home. They all travel in the Vari-Kennels in the car. The wire crates allow them a good view. I use bully pads from UPCO so they have something soft to lie on.


  • I love elkies such a friendly breed.Mine prefer the wire crates for at home and in the car as they like to be able to see out. They do have nice soft bedding in them so they are nice and comfy.


  • Congrats on the pup, good luck and welcome to the forum.

    Pics, we just love puppy pics.;)

  • Welcome! And what fun you have coming! We use wire crates at home, and vari kennels in the car. Ours don't seem to have a preference.

  • Welcome! The "fun and active" part will be good for having a basenji pup! I have the vari Kennel, but I agree with the "view" part with the wire type.
    This forum is great for information, fun and support. Enjoy…and yes, we love pictures! Can't wait to see your pups!

  • i use a large vari kennel at home and a medium one for traveling. congrats on the new pup! who is your breeder? are you showing? i am sure you will like this place. there are some very smart basenji owners and breeders here who will bestow their wisdom upon you. (trust me, you will need some! to keep from pulling your hair out) good luck 🙂

  • Welcome!!! And congrats on your new furbaby!! 🙂 you'll like it here & do share pics when your little one arrives.

    We use wire crates at home & the vari Kennel for long drives in the car.

  • Welcome and I can't wait to see puppy pictures. Waiting is the hardest part but enjoy the sleep you have now…Puppies LOVE to keep you awake 😉

  • Thanks for the advice! I think we'll give the Vari-Kennel a try. Our breeder is Katie Campbell. We are pretty sure we will just get a pet, but I've been becoming increasingly interested in showing. If our little guy has any show potential, we may try it. If not, we are thrilled with a beautiful pet.

  • <<our breeder="" is="" katie="" campbell.="">>

    Yay! Katie is one of our breeders as well. The basenji in the avatar is Ch Taji's Closing Bell at Quercus JC…or Bella! I am sure you will LOVE your Taji basenji! You must be getting a Chloe puppy 🙂 Fun, fun, fun!</our>

  • Yes, we are getting a Chloe/Rev pup. We are soo excited, but Katie has been busy with 2 litters, so we haven't seen pictures as of yet. She has told us that they are all extremely healthy and are all very distinct. We are hoping to get a B/W male.
    Katie is a fantastic breeder, and we're glad we found her.
    Have a great day!:)

  • fender has lots of taji dogs in his pedigree! i have seen katie at shows, her dogs are beautiful Especially the black and whites!!!!! 🙂 lucky you

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