Desperate for a basenji puppy

As a family, we have spent the last year looking into breeds of dogs (mum, dad & 2 girls). We have read all there is to read about this gorgeous dog, and are now obsessed with them.
We live in Leeds, UK. And would be willing to travel anywhere in mainland UK to get our new family addition.
Please, please get in touch if you are breeding
many thanks
Hannah, Darren, Orla & Maud 🙂

If you have been reading, hopefully you are aware of how important it is to find a responsible breeder. Please start with the Basenji Club of Great Britain breeder list. Puppies predominantly are born fall through winter, and many already have a list for every puppy.. so you may find you need to wait a year longer if you are set on a puppy. However, things happen, homes don't work out, puppies kept for showing turn out to not be right in the ring. So contact them.

Northern Basenji Society

There is even a link for The Kennel Club for finding a puppy. I clicked a couple... none now, but again, not the normal season

Finally, if you are not stuck on a puppy, some breeders may have older dogs needing placement... from a year or 2 or older. Also there is a UK rescue:

thanks Debra,

yes aware we will have to wait, and have come across those websites. will start phoning around the breeders.

my husband is able to take 6months off from November, and then will be working from home for the next 4 years. so ideal if we were able to get one this winter. but if we have to wait, we will

Make sure you tell breeders that he'll be home. 🙂 List, no list, breeders want the best homes and that certainly would bump you up on my list!

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