My Tri-Color Female is 14.5 years old and has no plans to leave me! :)

  • I had never had a dog from a Breeder, I always adopted or took in strays. I was always curious about the Basenjis. I rescue horses and one of the other gals at the farm had imported a pair of Basenjis from Africa. They had a litter of 5 pups and I saw them when they were 3 days old. I fell in love on the spot with the little Tri female with the pink nose. I had intended to call her 'Clementine' however, that name was changed to 'Antigone' (Tiggy for short) because she would rather die than negotiate. We had the usual house destruction and aggression towards other canines, however, she loves Wolves (I have had two and they are legal where I reside) and she also loves cats!

    Last year she lost 'her' 18 year old cat and 4 months after that she was diagnosed with Cancer. She had the Tumor removed and has been in remission for a year. After she had her surgery she lost 'her' Wolf. She lives only with her humans now as we feel it is important to give her all of our attention. She is happy and incredibly active. She has a seizure disorder that started about 1.5 years before the Cancer onset. She is fed Vegetarian Canned dog food in addition to high quality kibble. She loves the Vegetarian food (she gets her Phenobarbital in it for her seizure disorder) and she can tell time!

    She goes where I go and that is how it is. She goes to work with me and the only places she does not go are to the grocery stores, etc. She is never alone, there is always one of her people here with her. She is AKC registered but I never showed her or bred her. She is a tough little dog and fit for folks with the patience of a Saint OR a bit insane! I had nightmares thinking about having SIX Basenjis in the house because I could never trust people to do right by them. There are always some in Rescue but Antigone really hates other dogs so another Basenji will be from a rescue when I am in need of one! πŸ™‚

    The photo beneath her name was taken at a friend's home on Christmas day and she was very sleepy.


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