Feena is 10 weeks old!

Just introducing my little girl who is only 10 weeks old! I"m new here and while I did a lot of research before getting her, still relatively new to this breed! Glad have found this community:) Here are some pictures of her!

oh, what a little cutie!

I'm having major puppy heart flutter - she's adorable!

She is absolutely wonderful…welcome to the forum!

Very cute! Who did you get her from?

Welcome to the forum, she's lovely

She's a cutie alright! 🙂

Lovely, who is the breeder?

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I think she's adorable as well but I might be a tad bit bias! ha ha


she is sooo cute..Welcome onboard to both of you…

Welcome to the Forum to you and Feena. She's lovely.

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