Hi from Molly my 10 months Basenji

  • Hi All, I have a red and white 10 month old Basenji I got when she was 8 weeks old, and wow it was just like having a new real baby. She is a full time motorhome dog and everyone in the park thinks she looks and walks like a racehorse. She loves all the people and dogs around and wants to play with everyone. We are so glad to find this forum on Basenji's, Molly is our first Basenji and we didn't know what we were getting in for. lol. She is a love. Hi to all.

  • welcome to you Judy and to the puppy Molly!

  • Welcome to forums Judy and Molly… Hope to see pictures soon... We love to see new faces ...

  • Welcome, she sounds like a wonderful dog. This forum is lots of fun. Enjoy it!

  • Welcome Judy, This is a great forum and loaded with good information and very entertaining. I've been so impressed with how friendly everyone is…..very cool. Please post lot's of pics! Gotta love them Basenji Babies!;)

  • Welcome to the forum. I can't wait to see pics of your basenji.

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