I have a four month old Basenji named Achilles

  • Hi. I am happy to have found this forum. My daughter and her fiance have aquired a four month old Basenji, and me, as grandma, is taking care of him until they find a place that allows dogs. He is an interesting little guy. He is definitely giving me a run for my money. He doesn't seem to like his toys, but a filled water bottle is right up his alley. We put up a baby gate to keep him contained in the living/dining area, but he has managed to get over that. My hubby has had to raise it up on two garden ties, nail plywood to the top of the ties, and the gate now is about 3.5 feet high or more. In order to get out of the room we need to climb on a chair and have a huge milkbone container on the other side to step down onto. Not very convenient. He is the cutest, smartest little pup we have ever had, except he doesn't seem to want to do his business outside, no matter how long he is out there. He still comes into the house and tries his best to hit the wee wee pads. Any suggestions? I have never had a pup this hard to housebreak.

  • Congrats on your pup (or your "grandpup")….and big ggg's on the confinment issues... yup that is a Basenji, built to climb!!! Typically puppies are easy to house train, however at four months, do you know where he can from and how he was kept there? If he is getting on the wee wee pads, once one is wet take that outside with you... and put him on is... and also it would be very unusal that a puppy just waking up from a nap, carried directly outdoors will not pee... same thing after eating... Depending on his situation before you got him is going to I think figure in on his house training.

  • We got him from a pet store. He does really well in his kennel and doesn't mess in it or anything. We feed him in the kennel and he sleeps in it. I know it sounds unusual about taking him out when he wakes up, but I swear it is true. I have never had a pup like that. He has gone out and done his business once or twice, but that is unusual. He is cute and cuddly, but he keeps me on my toes…...

  • I think pet store pups are alittle harder than others to train, my pup took about 6weeks. You just have to be patient, outside, outside all during the day and about every 2-3 hrs. during the night. Make sure she goes outside right before bedtime, and don't bring her in until she goes, I would put mine on a leash, do you? Make sure when you take her out that you say, "Let's potty". Also what really worked was to have a favorite treat in my pocket, and when she would go I would give her a treat, right then and there. Remember dogs remember things for 30 secs only so you have to be jolly on the spot. haha!!!!!!

  • Well if he came from a pet store… I am surprised that he doesn't go in his kennel....but that is great... being crate trained is a real biggy... and because he came from a pet store, housetraining is a challenge for this breed. I would guess that he never had been out doors so therefore doesn't yet get it that he should go potty out there.... You have to be really insistent that he (or you too if you have to stay out with him) doesn't come in till he has pottied.. it will take some adjustment... Try taking the wee wee pads outside and see if that gives him the idea.. or put him on a lease and walk him till he goes... again alot of this is because he came from a pet store...IMO

  • What is IMO???

  • IMO = in my opinion

  • Hi, thanks for all the advice. Fortunately he sleeps through the night so there is no problem there. This morning I put him out in the backyard with the other two dogs, and left him with them and my hubby. He peed and pooped twice. He just went out and pooped in the backyard! YIPPEE. We use the word peepee, because both our older dogs respond to it. I have been praising him when he does his business on the wee wee pads but I have been saying good boy, and I think I should probably be saying good pee pee. That is what I always did with the others. They got to know that good pee pee related to what they did. I tell him he is a good boy for lots of things, so he may get confused. He certainly knows what bad boy means. He hangs his head and runs away.

    He is always leashed when he is outside. There is no way I would have him unleashed. As much as I love him I will be happy when he goes to live with my daughter. I find myself getting too attached to him, and I can't have that. He really is a good puppy most of the time. Right now he is cuddled up to our oldest dog, sleeping quite happily. He has yet to meet the cat.

  • Pastal, congrats on your new grandson. Your daughter is very lucky to have you to help her out. My dog is from a pet store as well. Dash took a very long time to housebreak. But it looks like your puppy is getting it. Maybe he is getting clues from your other dogs. Basenji's are trying and will certainly keep you on your toes. There is a lot of great info on this forum. If your daughter is not really familiar with the breed she should get on as well. It seems a common thread with them to only do what is in it for them.

    Good luck and enjoy your new puppy.

  • Welcome to the forum, this is a perfect place to learn about Basenjis! Enjoy your grand-pup and post pictures when you can – we LOVE pictures.

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