Hi my names Lucifer and my owners name is Angela

  • 🙂 Hi, everybody my name is Angela and my beloved Basenji is called Lucifer.
    Want to put some pics of him on here, but having a bit of trouble doing so.
    Lucifer is 3 months old and we are going to our first show in November.
    I am having lots of fun lead training him, if anybody has any tips that would be great:)

  • Welcome to the forum. We can't show puppies under 6 months in the UK Fun dog shows or is he 6 months in November?. (UK Kennel Club rules) Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi pattsy, thankyou for your reply.
    We can show them here in australia at 3 months but you dont start getting any points untill there 6 months old, so i guess its like a practice run untill there 6 months. Im sure he will do well. Over here though the red and white basenjis tend to do alot better than the coloured basenjis, you really have to have a very good black and white one that stands out to beat a red and white.

  • Welcome to the forum, i wonder why your Pup is called Lucifer 😉
    My training tip would be to enrol at a Puppy class and take it from there. Of course the bulk of the work is done at home by yourselves but i like the classes for socialization and also it helps you to train in a structured way.

  • I think Lucifer is an excellent name for a B. Can't wait to see some pictures of him.

  • :)Lol yes Lucifer, well we had had Lucifer for a week and he still didnt have a name. I coudnt think of a name that suited him.
    Now Lucifer is an indoor Basenji 95% of the time and im with him almost all of the time except for when i do food shoppping or the usual stuff you need to do during the week.
    I went shoppping and was gone for about an hour and came home to Lucifer detroying my lounge and i mean detroying lol, i can laugh about it now, cause all he did when i caught him was yodel at me lol, how could i go mad at him.
    It was my fault anyhow i should have confined him before i left, so thats how he got his name he is a little devil, but also a sweetheart.
    I really cant wait to get another one lol

  • Welcome..glad you found us.

  • Welcome angela72, from one fellow Aussie to another 😃

    I think you will learn tons of really good Basenji stuff here, its a fantastic site…

    Do you mind me asking about your Pups pedigree ??? I also show, and I also have a 3 month old boy, from my first litter of B's that I had this year. His nam is Java, (Langarni African Aluko), and his first show will be at the NSW Specialy on the 9th October... Very excited, but very nervous as well 😃

  • Hi, yes ive seen your website, i was inquiring about a basenji female from tazy through Jenni Palmer, but not sure how the lines would work with my boy.
    My boy is out of Sire Eurabbie Mercedes and Dam Eurabbie Hermione.
    There have been a few late litters this year if there is nothing to tie in with my boy this year, ill wait till next year.

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