Hi my name is Lynne

I got Nugget from a breeder last December. She was 11 months old and had Hookworms which it took a long time to treat. she was a handful. not a treat dog sooooo training was hard.

here is Nugget 0_1605484250306_20201115_184812.jpg

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Wow! Nugget is a cutie! Welcome to the Forum!🐾❤

Welcome to the forum - can you tell us the parents and birthday of Nugget so I can be sure such a handsome girl is included in the on-line Basenji pedigree database (see signature block and post me direct per email if you prefer) -

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Nugget is beautiful!!!! Welcome to both of you!

Hi, Lynne. So glad you are here. You certainly are a pretty girl. Tell Mom the best things in life are a challenge!

@lynnecnm - You should have your pup DNA tested for Fanconi, it is a cheek swab test that you do and cost 65.00. You can order the test at www.ofa.org and welcome to the Forum!

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