Hi! My name is Scott, I'm an RN and I live in Tennessee. I had done some research on Basenjis a few months ago, but never got around to becoming an owner. One of the parents of some close friends of mine took a Basenji in from a church member who went off to school. They wanted to keep her, but decided not, and when the subject came up about someone taking her, I jumped at the chance. She 2 years old, and the original owner named her Faith (which I'm not crazy about), but I'm thinking of renaming her Isis. I hope to learn more about care for her in this forum. Thanks all!

Welcome to our community!

what a sweet face. i think you'll find this forum a wealth of knowledge

She definitely looks like an Isis in my view, very much a goddess. She looks like she has big ears and her eyes are beautiful. Enjoy learning about the Basenji, I have found lot's of info on this forum and very helpful people.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Definitely a very regal looking little girl! Enjoy her!

Isis, definitely!
Beautiful girl, glad she found you.

Welcome… she is very cute. Has she been DNA tested for Fanconi yet? Or were her sire and dam?

What a sweet face! Thank you for taking her in, she needs a forever home.

As Pat indicated, unless you have info on the parents being clear, or at least one clear, she should be tested for Fanconi asap.

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