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You can see the pictures in my member gallery along with some of Levis

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Mia is a fine name! Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) all about how it went!

We have ended up calling her Miah, with the H. And she is taking to it well. She had not learned any part of her registered name.

We took our two dogs to Brisbane with us to see Miah and arranged with Freda to meet at a fenced off-leash dog park, which worked out great. It gave us extra time to talk about everything we hadn't covered over the phone.

I have a few new pictures…she's still in that awkward "what's that thing you have in your hands" phase where she won't sit still for the camera or does a goofy look. :p

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Well to be terribly boring my partner has decided to stick with the name Mia (which I still think is a pretty name) but has decided to be really clever and add an H to the end - Miah. From my two minutes of research online however I've found this is Italian for Mine, to hold dear…which is sweet. Not exactly African or even relevant but I like the name none the less.

Thanks everyone for their help and suggestions. We're picking Miah up today at 11am - very exciting!! I'm sure we'll have some pictures of her up on the net very soon.

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Thanks Christy, I will go through that site. It looks helpful.

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I love the name Fawna, meaning baby deer, also Ayala meaning, deer; gazelle!Elain, also means fawn. She looks so much like a deer face, and they can jump like a gazelle. Good Luck with the name!

And I do love the deer ideas since when I first saw her I thought she had the most gorgeous little deer face…as did my partner and sister.

I think Chris is stuck on the name MIA though so I am trying to find some names that might contain 'mia' to keep him happy. In all fairness I was the one who suggested it in the first place though and it is a pretty little name.

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When I was young…(ok I was seventeen!!) I was obsessed with Pokemon :p But that was in the green, red and blue stage…none of these fancy pets there are now!

It's a great idea and I would probably have a look through them...if I thought my partner wouldn't call the looney bin on me, lol. But really, it's a good idea, especially if you were looking to name a whole litter as there are a lot of Pokemon.

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We're getting her from a breeder, same one that we adopted Levis from.

There aren't many Basenji's in shelters here in Australia, I don't think. Most are rescued by the Basenji Hound Association which we are not yet a part of. It's a fair way from where we are living now.

At the moment the name Mia is kinda growing on us, even though the meaning of the name isn't that great. I was hoping to find a work or name with Mia in it that could be her full name, with Mia as a nickname. Not having much luck though…

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Thanks Nala, it's been tough picking a name and even tougher now we've seen the little beauty!! I can't wait to get some suggestions.

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Wow, what a beautiful place! So envious!!

We are currently setting up a petition to get some FENCED dog parks in our area. The last time they were ready to begin construction people in the neighbourhood protested that they didn't want an ugly fence in their park…though they wanted an even bigger fence around the kids play area. sigh

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I saw this on Dogster Miles…what a riot! We love it!!

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