• We are new to the forum,but not basenji's. My husband has had basenji's for 35 years. When we married 8 years ago he came with a senior basenji and I a elkhound. Sadly old age claimed Oreo's life at 15. We now have two basenji's a 3 year old red and a 2 year old tri. I have gained alot of knowledge over the years and really love this breed. Its not hard to do that. My elkhound has been with basenji's so long he now acts like them. Not many elkie traits left.
    He even sleeps with his leg in the air every now and then. We are lucky as they all get along. Just wanted to say hi to all

  • Hi there! I'm sure you'll have fun here-my boxenji sleeps the same way!

  • Welcome!! How funny about your Elkie 🙂

  • My mixed breed Missy is getting that way but I don't know what kind of dog she is but if you saw her tail you would say Basenji. That is just tooooooo funnnnnnnnnny

  • It's funny how the other dogs become Basenji's!! Not the other way around!

  • Welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see pics of ALL your dogs.

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