• I noticed a couple of my basenji videos that I posted on You Tube ended up linked to the Basenji Forum. I feel flattered! I thought I'd see if I could figure out how they ended up here, but I got side tracked browsing around. I found I couldn't do much wandering around as a guest, so here I am as a new member! Now where are my videos…..

    I have Chaos, a three and a half year old full AF dark brindle male. He's extremley laid back, never really yodels but he does yowl, growl, and can do this angry camel noise when upset. He lives with four cats, a Jack Russell-Beagle mix and way too many fish.

  • Welcome and post pics please!

  • Welcome! We'd love to hear more and see pictures, as well as videos!! This is a great site to share, learn and have fun!

  • welcome and cute AVATAR.

  • Welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see photos!!

  • Basenji pictures are on their way. I'll even swap my opossum avatar for a basenji….;)

  • Hi Alice and welcome. I never thought I would say that an opossum was cute, but your avatar IS cute. Looking forward to seeing Chaos.
    Anne in Tampa

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